Monthly Archives: April 2011

Crude Prices

Because the current markets are so closely tied to the inflation trade, asset prices are falling across the board in sympathy to a sharp plunge in oil over the past couple days. This drop APPEARS to be due to classic market manipulation, as opposed to fundamentals. Over the past two days, Goldman has put out […]

Libya, Oil, and the Elites

Regarding the current oil headlines with WTI nearing $115, I’ve done quite a bit of research and analysis on the global elite’s current timetable and agenda. Below are my observations almost entirely based on Lindsay William’s recent interview with Alex Jones (thanks to both): The premise to this prediction comes directly out of the classic […]

Bretton Wood II

You won’t hear one peep of this over the weekend on any news channel, but this event is taking place and could be of significant importance to the global economy:  The first Bretton Woods meeting took place after WWII in 1944, which led to the establishment of the IMF, World Bank, and subsequent termination […]