Libya, Oil, and the Elites

Regarding the current oil headlines with WTI nearing $115, I’ve done quite a bit of research and analysis on the global elite’s current timetable and agenda.

Below are my observations almost entirely based on Lindsay William’s recent interview with Alex Jones (thanks to both):

The premise to this prediction comes directly out of the classic “order out of chaos” or “problem – reaction – solution” playbook. I see the Middle East continuing to unravel with protests, violence, political/economic chaos, as the global elite allow oil prices to climb towards $200/barrel. As we approach that price level, the US economy and the dollar will become so intolerably weak, that importing oil from the Middle Eastwill no longer be economically/politically viable.

Additionally, the general public here in the US will be swayed into believing that our economic woes are due to the Arab’s failure to stabilize oil markets (the media has clearly already begun spinning this – right now, people here assume oil and gas prices are skyrocketing solely on the Libyan conflict). Of course, our leaders will waste little time pinning the blame on the Middle Eastfor our own economic/dollar chaos. In addition to deflecting the blame offshore, this plan will also serve two additional purposes – (1) it will critically wound Arab oil wealth, as nearly all oil income proceeds have been recycled into US Treasuries; and (2) it will fortify the “The War on Terror,” as Americans become increasingly fearful of increased fanaticism from a double-crossed Arab population. As the economy moves closer towards total collapse, the global elite will then unleash our own hidden oil reserves to play the role as saviors. At that time point, however, the general public will be in such desperation that accepting global governance and global currency will be an acceptable tradeoff.

Regarding renewable energies, I actually really like the space…solar, wind, etc…FSLR in the wind sector may be a good play, but I really don’t know enough about the industry, companies…

If oil goes to $150-$200 (and the stock/credit markets don’t crash), then I would probably look at things in a different way…and my thinking comes as a direct result of recently reading Jerome Corsi’s “Black Gold Stranglehold.”

Just looking at things from a broader, common sense approach, why would the oil industry be any different from the diamond industry?  The elites of the diamond industry admittedly know there is plenty of supply of diamonds in the world, but they create the illusion of shortages to jack up prices.  From a common sense perspective, why would the oil elites be any different? Judging by the immense DEMAND for oil for energy use, I would imagine that oil elitists are FAR worse than those at DeBeers and Co.

I only just started really thinking about this a few weeks ago…but we grew up being led to believe that crude oil is a “fossil fuel.” I guess I never even questioned what the name “fossil fuel” even means…it was just what we called it, right?  But, when you look at the official explanations – we are supposed to believe that fossil fuels (the oil we drill for, and use for energy) comes from decomposed dinosaur fossils mixed with other earthly materials, and thus will eventually run out for our use.

I don’t know about you, but I’m somewhat unconvinced. I’m no scientist, but I can’t for the life of me believe that a large bulk of the dinosaur population crapped out and decided to all die in the Arabian Peninsula.

I understand that there is admittedly oil elsewhere, but the theme of Peak Oil has really been slammed down our throats (a la similar propaganda from DeBeers and their diamonds).

I have ZERO proof of this, but I truly believe we have just as much (if not more) oil than theMiddle East, and our elites know it – and have been keeping it on the down low (maybe for reasons like those at DeBeers…or maybe just for emergency purposes).

The point is…if you look really closely at where oil companies are placing their capital (both money and machinery), it’s largely in North Dakota and Montana– the Bakken region.

There are several companies that are well positioned, and ready to make IMMENSE profits if and when oil really starts skyrocketing.

These companies are as follows:  EOG, NOG, BEXP, WLL, CLR, MRO

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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