Monthly Archives: September 2011

Market Analysis – S&P 500

Not much has changed since the open with solid gains across the board this afternoon.  However, the equity market has begun to fall off its intra-day highs over the past hour. More specifically, around 3PM ET the market was seeing gains of over 3% on all the broader averages.  As of 3:45PM ET, we are […]

Markets Up Sharply

The DOW is up over 200 points going into the close, with all major indices up over 2%, respectively. All eyes are onGreece– it’s been a very volatile day, but current optimism is coming on European leaders renewed pledge to helpGreeceavoid defaulting on its debts. The leaders ofGreece,FranceandGermanyagreed in a teleconference thatGreecewas an “integral” part […]

Ron Paul Debate Results / 9-11 Video

I’d like to point your attention to the updated poll again pasted below by the very source (MSNBC) who conducted the actual debate on Wednesday night – it is an absolute landslide – Ron Paul with nearly 60%, versus Romney with 15%. If you take a quick visual glance at the green bars alone, however, […]