Monthly Archives: October 2011

Market Taking a Breather Today – Current Analysis

Despite extreme market volatility since August on fears that a Greek debt default could spark a credit shock, the S&P 500 is up more than 13% this month, and is on pace for its biggest monthly gain since October 1974. Year-to-date, the best and worst performing asset classes have been within the volatile commodities space […]

Technical Patterns 2008 = 2011…Repeat?

I just wanted to quickly follow up on the technical patterns that I touched on previously. With such uncertainly in the macro political/economic environment, it is interesting to take a magnified look at how closely the S&P 500 is mirroring itself from the first quarter of 2008. As you’ll notice in the two charts below, […]

Herman Cain and The Federal Reserve

Cain vs. Paul on the Housing Collapse: Cain on the Federal Reserve: Most people don’t know about this because the media barely even covered it, but the first ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) partial audit of the Federal Reserve was FINALLY carried out this past July due to Ron Paul’s efforts. It revealed […]