Monthly Archives: January 2012

O’Reilly vs. Cenk / A Presidential Perspective

Within the media circus…a quick examination of a guy like Bill O’Reilly vs. Cenk at the Young Turks O’Reilly has had Ron Paul on his program a few times in the past (which are all over youtube), but as you know, this is how O’Reilly feels about him: This guy Cenk is extremely “liberal” […]

Obama Signs NDAA

First, this bill incredibly passed overwhelmingly through the house and senate…Obama then signed it into law on NYE: Incrementalism and baby steps is the name of the game…Patriot Act, NDAA, “See something – Say something”, TSA, pat downs, etc… It’s never been about a bogey man with a strange beard and turban… I’m not comparing […]

Equities Flat At Mid-Day

Despite another very encouraging read on the U.S. jobs front, we are trading virtually flat in all the broader averages heading into the afternoon session after being notably higher in the pre-market. In my opinion, a few factors are at play (based in large part to recent analysis by James Rickards): 1 – The latest […]