Obama Signs NDAA

First, this bill incredibly passed overwhelmingly through the house and senate…Obama then signed it into law on NYE:

Incrementalism and baby steps is the name of the game…Patriot Act, NDAA, “See something – Say something”, TSA, pat downs, etc…

It’s never been about a bogey man with a strange beard and turban…

I’m not comparing Obama to Hitler, but eerily similar moves were made in pre-ww2 germany….enabling act, himler police force, promises not to go after political opposition, etc. All of that was done “legally.”

Obama noted his reservations used a “signing statement” (something he said he would not do in his campaign), and instructed the DOJ not to enforce the law. NOW, we all we have to do is trust that future presidents will not enforce the NDAA provisions.

Some gallows humor on it, but nonetheless very revealing:





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