O’Reilly vs. Cenk / A Presidential Perspective

Within the media circus…a quick examination of a guy like Bill O’Reilly vs. Cenk at the Young Turks

O’Reilly has had Ron Paul on his program a few times in the past (which are all over youtube), but as you know, this is how O’Reilly feels about him:


This guy Cenk is extremely “liberal” and has run a very popular web-based show called The Young Turks. He was doing so well that he eventually earned himself his own show on MSNBC. Although a bit lengthy, I think this video below does a fairly decent job exposing the media business (and perhaps why Bill O’Reilly has become a very RICH man). Agree with him or not, Cenk is all about delivering the truth and real journalism. Cenk details in this video why he no longer works for MSNBC.


This made me think of some of our late great presidents:

Some amazing Eisenhower/JFK historical perspective:

Eisenhower’s farewell speech and warning to the American people that secret forces exist right before JFK takes office:


JFK’s speech to the media trying to delicately expose the true power structure and advise them to do their jobs accordingly. By no means was he perfect, but he was courageous.


JFK taking the first steps to diffuse the Federal Reserve system:


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