Monthly Archives: March 2012

Gold/Silver Update

These are the gold/silver charts…the market is up huge today after bernank opened his trap again, hinting at more QE…gold is back near 1700 Below are those “wedge” patterns I’ve been following…basically the trading range narrows to a point where a breakout is then imminent…..this consolidation we’ve seen over the last few months has been […]

Long-Term Gold Wedge Pattern + Breakout

With gold specifically, the wedge has been very indicative of huge moves up…I just did this quick, but this goes back to beginning of 08

Trader Comments – Yen Move Today

In a heavy news day, I was able to speak to one trader earlier, and he was saying how those he’s been talking to have been focusing heavily on today’s action in the yen, largely on the heels of a Goldman note advising clients to short the dollar against the yen. If you check out […]

Gold/Silver Uptrend + Wedge Breakout Update

I just quickly charted gold/silver below…I know you all are getting crushed on those April 35’s… Both metals have lost so much interest in recent months, and people are beginning to buy the fact that the economy is getting better, etc. As far as I can tell, there has been very little technical breakdown – […]