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Dark Pools Flooding Out Remains of the Free Market

Below is an insightful and timely article about how the major stock exchanges are adapting to dark pool trading tactics and are attempting to follow the lead of the “internalization” practice that trading desks like Knight, UBS, Citi and Citadel employ.  The article validates our intelligence that these desks are often trading on behalf of […]

Obama Wedding Registry

This is for real.

And It’s Gone

What happens when we put our faith in bankers: Carrie Pan is about as intrepid as they come. Since she began investing in Chinese stocks six years ago, the 29-year-old Shanghai accountant has seen almost half the value of her portfolio evaporate, including a 40 percent loss last year alone. Undeterred, Pan recently bought […]

Modern Day Slavery

In the world of debt serfdom, people are slaves to both central bankers and our own technological devices: In the world of finance: Are we slaves to what central bankers do next? Markets are almost exclusively moving on central bank and policymaker actions Economic and business fundamentals mean nothing The markets are now addicted to […]

Currency Wars: BRICS and Euro-Zone have U.S. businesses readying for the worst

As the global recession sinks in, investors have been forced once again to buy dollars as a safe haven – The Dollar index is up roughly 13% since the relative lows a little over a year ago in April/May of last year. The Fed had its chance to combat the rising dollar last week with […]


For audio, click here:  Squawk Box_06.25.12 To listen live: When: Every Monday at 11:00 AM to 11:20 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). Where: US Toll Free: 1-877-384-0533; Participant Passcode: 73518394 then # Squawk Box Topics (Week of June 25th, 2012) Broader Market: After a solid two week rebound, the U.S. equity market took […]

The Daily Show: Obama’s Kill List

The Daily Show: Newsleaks Critics suggest that the motive behind White House leaks of classified drone strike assassination protocol is that they make Barack Obama look good. “Now watch this drive!”

Drug/Stimulus-Addicted Market Wants its Fix

Bernanke floats a bit of test balloon yesterday by only extending its Operation Twist program by $267 billion, with no additional bond purchases (QE3) right now. Well, as anticipated the drug/stimulus addicted market responded with major withdrawal symptoms: The Dow and S&P 500 have sold off 264 and 32 points, respectively (roughly -2%), since the […]

Advisory Squawk Box – Weekly Highlights (Week of June 18th, 2012)

Each Squawk Box focuses on the outlined topics below, which should drive trading and investor awareness for the week. Feel free to listen live every Monday at 11am ET: US Toll Free: 1-877-384-0533; Participant Passcode: 73518394 then # …or enjoy the recorded podcast here: Squawk Box_06.18.12 Advisory Squawk Box – Weekly Highlights  (Week of June 18th, […]

A Sign of the Times?

Do Chinese restaurants believe the economy is recovering?   “Fortune Not Found: Abort, Retry, Ignore?”

Germany’s Merkel Said to Shift on Redemption Pact

In a lightly reported story that should be getting more attention today, officials in Berlin say privately that Chancellor Angela Merkel is willing to drop her vehement opposition to plans for a “European Redemption Pact” ahead of this month’s EU summit, which would effectively (even if temporarily) put an end to the Euro-crisis by having […]

Goodbye Greece

Up next:  Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland…


Squawk Box Topics (Week of June 11th, 2012): Click Here for Audio Podcast: Squawk Box Audio June 11, 2012 Broader Market: The U.S. equity market experienced a very impressive upside reversal in the latest week, pushing the broader averages back above some key technical levels The main drivers of this positive action stemmed largely from developments […]

Rand Paul Endorses Romney?!?!

Absolutely stunning, but here are my thoughts: First and foremost, there is a very GOOD chance Romney was at Bilderberg this past weekend. Romney is Obama. Obama is Romney. Obamney is Bush. They are all puppets. Romney is 100% establishment and offers no change whatsoever. Undoubtedly, Romney needs Ron/Rand Paul support more than the Paul’s […]

Liberty Blitzkrieg

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus

Hidden Forces

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

Touch Stone Connect

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