Fear in America, Poison in Dallas

The US Government and their Eager Beavers in the corporate news media are always salivating over one disease or another, because it’s so helpful to them to be constantly promoting one. It might be H1N1, SARS, Swine Flu, or in the case of this thinly-veiled propaganda piece from CBS News, West Nile virus. Disease is an important square in the quilt of national fear. This incredibly-expansive quilt is maintained with constant reminders of real and manufactured threats in things like like pandemics, terrorism, mass shootings, tornadoes, hippies and boredom. All of these things are horrible, no doubt, but giving people The Fear always means more money and more control for those who stand to gain.

CBS tells us that the county of Dallas, Texas, is being sprayed with pesticides because too many mosquitos are buzzing around sickening people with West Nile virus.  The first part of the article massages your fear veins, getting them pumping all the right chemicals. They list death numbers and numbers of people sickened. They say it’s the worst West Nile year in Texas history because of the warm, humid weather and all the standing water where the little buggers’ eggs are laid. Then, they tell us the good news: That 80% of the infected won’t experience symptoms. But for the 20% that do, some will experience convulsions, vision loss, permanent neurological effects or even death.

“That’s scary stuff,” Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, an infectious disease specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, told HealthPop.

Yes, Doctor. Death–That’s terrifying.

Community-based control programs that reduce the mosquito population, like the spraying in Dallas, is one way to effectively reduce the mosquito population, he said.

Spraying the community with pesticides! “Community-based” solutions like this kind of poisoning campaign are bound to have unintended consequences. We’ve got DHS pumping bacteria into the subways, pharmaceuticals in the water supply and government planes spraying poison over cities. The media message is that there is much to fear, but your democratically-elected government will save you from it all.

And you know it’s great journalism when the last word in the article is “death.”

Bassett urged Americans not take the ongoing outbreak lightly, and to take steps to protect themselves.

“It’s really no joke,” he warned. “People go from being healthy to having a brain infection that can cause paralysis and death.”

That’s right kids, it’s no joke. Stay inside when they’re spraying the poison.

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