Thank God For Barack: The Plastic President and My Two-Party Illusion

During the entire 2008 election season, Obama gained my support by criticizing everything Bush was about: secret murders and arrests, baseless arrests of activists, unrepentant warrantless snooping, attacks on civil liberties and, of course, his corporatocratic Forever War known as the War On Terror.

Though not sobbing with joy in the streets like many of his more cultish followers, in my first-ever election I voted for him and was delighted when he was elected. I was optimistic that positive change would come from this seemingly transformative figure, this eloquent and charming apparent AntiBush who talked about reversing all the grievous damage the previous administration had done. And then, 3 days after being elected, when he ordered his first drone bombing, he began accelerating every evil government initiative of the post-9/11 age. For democrats these policies were criminal, callous and morally reprehensible under Bush/Cheney, and they were very vocal about it, but when Obama began accelerating them nearly across the board we hardly heard a peep. Could it be willful ignorance? Or, could it be that by convincing people they only have two sides to choose from, they’re bound to choose one and start blindly fighting the other?Child drone victim

We hear liberals defend the policies when it’s “their guy” pulling the trigger, such as with a recent NYT op-ed promoting a moral argument for drones over the use of soldiers. The article re-directs the entire drone argument, ignoring the question of whether or not the drone’s targets ought to be blown away to begin with, nor the fact that drone bombings leave unexploded ordinance spread throughout target areas and that these active munitions blow men, women and children to bits for years and years to come. They come close, but ultimately present different arguments and ask different questions than those that provide the most impotant context: Namely, that the War on Terror itself is a neverending operation originating from the most brazen kind of terroristic exploitation. It has already turned its crosshairs on the American People themselves, and with President Obama taking the helm this all-out assault from the inside, this anti-human cancer, has rapidly accelerated.

The redirecting of arguments is a common tactic in articles and news presentations planted by special interests, CIA, other government agencies and operatives of the corporate oligarchy. By deciding which question will be addressed, they easily re-frame the argument however they’d like in the reader’s minds; a kind of intellectual misdirection. Waves of these kinds of misdirections can come out at once, effectively winning the debate before it begins by subtly predefining the terms in which people are seeing the issue. We don’t even know how to properly analyze or interpret events and issues because, without us realizing it, our thinking has been programmed to run along the path of a pre-constructed narrative. On its face it’s childishly simple but it’s extremely effective, even against extremely intelligent people, and easy to do if you have control over mainstream information resources. It’s even easier still if people hold the demonstrably incorrect notion that their favorite news outlets, regardless of which they choose, are even remotely objective or free. A free, independent press is crucial to a functioning American democracy, and we are now seeing the results of the long death of both.

I saw the media spin continuing but, already a student of media and politics at least in the mainstream sense, never got so far as expecting the news media to start doing their job. But what about my savior, my well-spoken AntiBush? Everything Obama spoke so passionately about reversing he was now throwing into full-throttle overdrive. I voted for him but, very quickly, cautious optimism turned to horror and rage. The bald-faced lies, the mortal hypocrisy, the protection of criminal bankers, the policies he railed against in the election season only to accelerate once taking office: It shook me from my stupor.

Thank God for Barack, for being such an egregious manipulator, a shameless war criminal and someone with such contempt for human rights and freedoms while purporting to have respect for both. I had no choice but to realize I had voted for the same party with a new name and face. Here was a man, from seemingly out of nowhere, who presented himself as The AntiBush and created almost an instant cult of personality (always a red flag). He spoke righteously of being a constitutional lawyer from humble beginnings, an opponent of secret war, a military-industrial complex run amok and the ever-increasing encroachment on our rights and liberties as American citizens and human beings. But 3 days. 3 days it took for his first drone strike, and in his first year he would oversee more drone bombings than in all of Bush’s 8.

tv news political cartoonSo why, just because they voted for him, do most self-described democrats continue to march forward in support of their precious Democratic Candidate? (And I’m not picking on democrats here; this disease is non-patisan.) It’s the result of hardcore brainwashing; of countless, repetitious re-framed arguments and a populace programmed with the fantastical notion their debt-based stability and prosperity would, or could, last forever. Now anxiety is building as people realize that this reality is impossible, but are terrified of having to march into an alternative. Combined with our TV flicker-rate, chemical food and Smartphone-induced alpha trances, by God! You realize how damned easy it would be to move entire populations around like facelesss chess pieces on a geopolitical game board. Once you realize that republicans and democrats are controlled by the same team, you realize what modern society really is: The construction of a loose web of sociopaths who manage humanity through the magical power of High Finance and Keynesian fraud, constantly working to magnify the depth and scope of their management system by any means necessary.

It’s not a remotely far-fetched or even complicated concept; all you’ve got to do is ensure that the currencies issued by nations are in the form of debt that you control. After that it’s a simple affair to buy up all the corporations worth owning and place your agents on the boards of all the rest. Debt is the engine of the anti-human system, and debt is slavery. This slavery will not end under Obama, Romney, McCain or Mary Poppins, and none of them have even the slightest intention of doing so. So are you a democrat or republican? Are you left or right? Middle of the road? Red or blue? Liberal or conservative? With us or against us? Who told you these were the only choices, and why did you believe them?

So I thank Mr. Obama from the bottom of my heart for being too outrageous to ignore, and lifting the wool from my eyes that behind the curtain, there are no democrats or republicans. There is One Party, and it’s populated by a bunch of sad, decadent empty shells who are willing to sell their souls for cash and power by all working for the same ugly, blood-drinking bastard. But this demon dresses in suits, and his impish lieutenants can be incredibly convincing.

Additional viewing on Youtube: The “Kill List”

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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