False Flag to Provoke an Iranian War

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy with their panel on how to bring Iran into compliance with the international community. It’s pretty long, but the segments where this guy Patrick Clawson speaks are just so telling. He is considered an Iranian expert, and was formerly with the World Bank and IMF.

In my estimation, these guys are all nuts, especially Clawson – especially when the administration knows that well over 70% of the people don’t want another war, regardless of Iran with or without nukes.

Clawson talks at:

00:03:10 – 00:17:15

01:00:00 – 01:02:35

01:06:20 – 01:09:00

But the most important parts are:

01:15:00 – 01:16:30

01:17:30 – 01:19:00

He goes into detail about how hard the current environment is right now for the U.S. to get into a war with Iran. If we truly are trying to prevent Iran from getting nukes, we’ve already tried almost everything covertly to do that (i.e. assassinating Iranian engineers, cyber attacks, economic sanctions/warfare, sabotaging equipment, drone surveillance, cutting power and damaging centrifuge machines, etc.). Yet, we are still are where we are – and Iran has not been provoked into retaliating (in my estimation much to the dismay of this Clawson character).

So Clawson brings up several well-documented “catalysts” or false flags that “forced” us into war in the past:

  • Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor for WWII
  • Wilson and the Lusitania for WWI
  • LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin for Vietnam
  • McKinley at the USS Maine For Spanish-American War
  • Lincoln and Fort Sumter in Civil War

Who knows if he’s actually advocating something like that, but I wouldn’t put it past us or Israel, not that I’m for Iran – they are just as nuts. But who wants to see another hot war break out.

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