Ten Reasons the 2012 Election Was A Joke

It’s easy to rig an election in a two-party crony capitalist system: All you do is offer two smiling candidates but only one actual vote. In this case, it’s a vote for at least 4 more years of Corporatocratic rule, becoming incrementally more totalitarian and psychopathic literally by the day. Would there have been differences, both functional and symbolic, between a Romney and Obama presidency? Of course. But when it comes to the absolute most important global-level issues facing every American every day, nothing would have changed.  Here are ten reasons America’s march toward all-encompassing corporate fascism will continue over the next four years regardless of Obama winning the 2012 American presidential election:

10. The Popular Vote Doesn’t Matter

The election is decided by the electoral college, and the popular vote does not pick the next president. This makes the popular vote, and if you ask me, a great opportunity to give a “protest vote” for a third party candidate–In my opinion, the only candidates worth voting for. A vote for either Republi

can or Democrat is a vote for the same sicko corporatist vampire, and assures the system you still believe in it and want to further legitimize it. Some folks contend a third party vote is a “wasted” vote. I believe the opposite-That the only way not to waste your vote is to vote third party. The electoral process is mysterious and esoteric to most Americans–Who are the electors? The American People don’t know. I call to mind the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Presidents are selected, not elected.”

9.  Continuing the Overreach of the Executive Branch

Obama being in his second term means he has to worry much less, if at all, about public opinion, and can do whatever he wants unrestricted. He expanded the power of the executive branch aggressively in his first term, so we must assume that without pesky re-election politics getting in the way, this will only accelerate. In this sense, a Romney presidency would’ve been different in that it would have been restricted by being only in its first term. Now, Romney probably would have worked to expand executive power himself, but with so much less to lose, Obama is enabled to do it even more in his second term. Regardless, this trend will continue.

8.  A Continuing Death Parade in the War on Terror

Both candidates pledged to continue the War on Terror with its secret arrests, kill lists, murders of American citizens, drone bombings on sovereign people in sovereign countries and all the other dark marchers in the grand Death Parade called the War on Terror.

7.  Increasing Domestic Surveillance & Destruction of Liberty

This one goes hand in hand with the War on Terror, but gets more specific. Both candidates will maintain the Patriot Act and expand the TSA and domestic Nazi-style checkpoints, email and phone wiretapping, erosion of liberty, domestic drone surveillance and general paranoid monitoring of American citizens.

6. Continuing Neoliberal Dictation of Policy

Think-tanks, elite clubs and round table groups will continue to produce papers, studies, hold meetings and release reports suggesting certain policies for their government cronies to enact. Often the government cronies are themselves members of such groups and are actively merging the interests of corporate and government entities, informally marrying the two into one single creature unaccountable to the people.

5. Continuing the Revolving Door Between  Government, Major Corporations and Banks

This will not end. Period. Need I explain?

4. Continuing Minimization of 3rd Parties & Ideas Outisde the Mainstream

Again, anything outside the two-party duopoly is a danger to the corporatocratic status quo. Therefore, ideas and institutions that threaten it will be contnually minimized to the greatest extent possible. Of course, enough of an outcry and some simple actions by the people are all it takes to destroy this trend. That’s why we need to scream out our windows and demand real representation, real news media and a real democracy where we’re not just stuck with “what we’re given.” That, or go back to sleep and prepare for your subtle slavery to become quite a bit more overt.

3. Criminal Banks and Bankers Will Be Protected

Obama protected criminal bankers from prosecution. Romney would have protected them too, because both of them take so much funding from Big Banking. The banksters will not be imprisoned, but lower-level fall guys and suited crooks, like Bernie Madoff, will continue to be used as scapegoats.

2. Mainstream News Media Remain Inept and Corporate-Controlled

Our country’s survival as a Republic depends on an informed populace. We cannot be informed as long as GE, NewsCorp, Citigroup, et. al are the ones doing the “informing.” (Bigwig executives populate the boards of major news organizations like Thompson Reuters–Use the NNDB Mapper to research it yourself.) Until the people demand media that function as sources of real information and not just perception management, division and propaganda devices, we cannot make the informed choices needed to save ourselves or our country.

1. Continuing Debt System and Bank/Government Collusion via the Federal Reserve

Most importantly, neither candidate would have ended the strangehold the Federal Reserve and Big Banking have on the global economy or the pockets of American citizens. Romney talked about drawing down the Fed’s power, but I can only suspect this was an election-season appeal to grab more votes from Libertarians and “Ron Paul Republicans.” Debt will continue to expand massively, domestic and foreign banks and corporations will keep getting secret bailouts, and along with all the other elements of the financial storm, this will lead to a systemic global financial collapse. Bankers and government would still work together under Romney. Obama’s second term may very well be the period in which the global financial system crumbles under the sick weight of its own black hole, and bankers mobilize along with their agents to present a “solution” which, just as they created the problem, serves them at the expense of humankind by creating an even more complete technological neofuedal debt system or, as the criminals themselves refer to it, a New World Order.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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