Infinity Is God

In a mind-boggling research experiment reported in the news last summer, Australian scientists photographed the shadow of a single atom, which resulted in the following incredible image:atom-shadow-photograph

It’s a wonderful display of the micro reflecting the macro: As above, so below. If it looks familiar, it should–It’s a ubiquitous formation in nature, and perhaps even some kind of glimpse into the eye of God through the observation of the physical. Regardless of your religious belief, the similarity between this image of an atom’s shadow and a spiral galaxy is humbling and astounding:

Spiral Galaxy with Atom Shadow

The tinier realities we can begin exploring, the more we see that there are fundamental structures at the foundation of every level of physical reality. Could existence be an infinite being? Is God the universe itself? It seems we are all composed of the same divine substance; somehow one single thing composed of conscious, sentient parts – Humanity, our Earth, our galaxy, and our universe all woven with the same existential cloth. Are we, human beings, living on a particle (Earth) spinning around an electron (the Sun) orbiting the center of an atom (the Milky Way) which is a single atom in a larger being, which lives on a particle spinning around an electron orbiting the center of an atom which is a single atom in a larger being, and so on, ad infinitum?

Perhaps we are, and perhaps the sum of this Infinity of Beings, the thing formed at the Endless End of It All, perhaps that is God. “Made in his image”…A divine spiral forever burping out new life at every one of its infinite levels and layers.

And perhaps someday, if only at death, we will have a chance to know.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”
-John Muir

Post-Script 12/23/12:
A friend showed me the following image…Walter Russell’s drawings of atoms from the 1920s:
Element structure drawing by Walter Russell

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