Awakening 2013: Curtain Coming Down On Criminal Banks?

Banker CriminalAs it becomes clearer and clearer that mafia-like activity is ubiquitous at the top of all the big banks, the media is increasingly forced to report. As economic conditions continue to stagnate or begin to worsen this year, we’ll see more financial crimes bubble to the surface and a public increasingly aware of who is most to blame for humanity’s inability to thrive: The psychopathic Big Banks, their alleigance with undemocratic institutions and their stranglehold on national governments.

“Shitty Deals”

By now, most everyone has heard about the “shitty deal” emails around Goldman Sachs a couple of years ago, where employees bragged about selling mortgage-backed securities they knew were garbage to state pension funds. This coming from a firm which, according to its CEO Lloyd Blankefein, is “doing God’s work.” This statement from Blankfein rings as a classic example of the incredible arrogance of so many Big Banking executives.

The biggest and most outrageous “shitty deal” that has come to light, however, is the LIBOR rigging fraud. Referred to as a “scandal” by a mainstream press too dainty on the issue to call these financial crimes against humanity what they really are, executives are being questioned and arrested in connection with a rate-rigging scheme involving banks all around the world. The LIBOR interest rate, attached to transactions worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, was being rigged to profit insiders at big global banks at the expense of basically every other human being with any stake in the global economy.

Bankers used classic mafia tricks like bribery and dirty pay-offs to keep it going, and the rigging was happening with the complicity of multiple layers of management. This is a global banking conspiracy implicating banks from Asia to the UK, Europe and the United States. If you’re shocked, you shouldn’t be. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue against the point that fraud, mafia activities and conspiracies are not “theories” at the big banks, they are par for the course at the top of an industry with an almost incomprehensible level of global power and influence.

With with plots so brazen and massive as LIBOR coming to light, the criminals are destined to reveal themselves to enough people that a critical mass of awareness is reached, and these modern money-changers are dethroned. One of the most important connections someone can make is the relationship between their increasingly-corporatocratic governments and central banks. The Federal Reserve is maintaining unlimited QE at zero percent interest rates, meaning essentially free money for all the country’s biggest banks.

With the separation between consumer and investment banks removed by Clinton-era policy, this money can be gambled on risky bets. When they fail, The Fed just taps the taxpayer to bail them out with zero oversight and without having to tell a soul. When grilled on what The Fed had done with $9 trillion dollars, for example, the Inspector General had essentially nothing to say:

The US Dollar is not backed by “the faith and credit of the American People.” It’s backed by war, oil and a nation of hapless debt slaves. So we’re giving free money to the same banks that make it their business to defraud us. To make matters worse, insane conflicts of interest at The Fed include emergency lending programs being outsourced to parties like Chase and Wells Fargo, and the CEOs of banks like JPMorgan serving as Fed directors while these same banks get hundreds of millions in Fed assistance. With a largely-unregulated shadow banking system worth hundreds of trillions and the global economy again teetering on the brink, we can no longer accept this kind of secrecy in an industry so powerful, so criminal and so uniquely aligned with national governments as Big Banking. If the Corporatocracy that owns America is a living being, High Finance runs the brain, fuels the muscles and pumps the blood.

Dark Alliances

It would be enough if the banks were just conducting their own crimes, but it turns out they like to make a buck helping out all other kinds of mafias as well. Though HSBC is the latest example of a major bank laundering money for drug cartels, pretty much all the big banks have been caught scratching the backs of these vicious criminals. Unsurprisingly, the bank gets a fine worth a cia banks and drug moneyfew weeks’ profit and moves on with no arrests made. Officials characterize it as resulting from “lack of oversight” instead of real criminal activity, and so it’s right back to business as usual. Even the LIBOR fraud, while bringing some arrests, is mostly just bringing the same old fines. It’s like a legal bribe, agreed upon in court, in exchange to keep banker arrests at a bare minimum. The president himself has implied we shouldn’t expect prosecutions, which isn’t surprising given his public admiration of bankers like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

When you consider the fact that the CIA was exposed for helping to fund the Contras in the 1980s through the crack cocaine explosion in major US cities, and the idea that secret “black” projects have to be funded with secret or illicit money, you see that the government itself is very much a part of that same black market banking structure. It’s a complex web, and surreal in its semi-public presentation: The Federal Reserve funnels taxpayer money at zero percent interest rates into big banks that are working hand-in-hand with mafias, terrorists and sanctioned governments while they commit whatever crimes of their own they think they can get away with. Then, when the fraud and risky bets collapse, the bank CEOs help decide whether or not their own bank gets a taxpayer bailout.

“Too Big to Jail” = The System Itself Is Criminal

You can’t jail a servant of God, suckers!

With their domination of round-table groups, secretive globalist confabs and all kinds of think-tanks and foundations, big bankers and their pet institutions are some of the world’s most powerful and influential. Trading favors, cavorting with CEOs, politicians, journalists, and even royalty at private undemocratic conferences, the heads of these banks enjoy a position at the top of the elite power structure. We can only assume the amoral disregard for law and suffering at their banks goes right along with them.

Hence, now that the abject criminality is clear, we’ve arrived at the natural evolution of “too big to fail,”  “too big to jail”: A shocking admission that the system itself is criminal, so we have no choice but to keep the Global Banking Mafia in power because starting over would just be too painful. With this surreal conclusion, will America accept the implications or demand something better? Will we demand, like Iceland has done, that we arrest all criminals no matter how big? The only other choice is accepting the fate of living under an ever-expanding Mafia State owned by corporations and managed by arrogant, parasitic financiers. We can’t dethrone them and crash the economy; they’d rather crash it on their own so they can rebuild it on their own terms.

How much longer can we play chicken with bubbles and debt, draining the future to pay for the corrupt present? There are many ideas, but for the first time in America since post-WWII, a generation is facing a future they do not feel will be more prosperous than their parents’. If we look to our governments to debt slave protestersave us or start blaming right, left, or some imagined “failure of capitalism”, the next financial crisis will be exploited as an opportunity to solidify the power of Corporate Empire and bring a drastic increase in authoritarian oppression worldwide.

But if the curtain comes down, and we awaken to the true sources of our continuing bondage, there is hope. We can emerge from the current system’s collapse to build a new one for people who are human beings, not debt serfs or dollar signs.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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