Michael Bloomberg: All-seeing society within 5 years (NY Post)

-Mayor Bloomberg ‘s response to “Big Brother” concerns?: “Get used to it.”  The Drone Future is inevitable, Bloomberg says

-“People are working” on facial recognition software

-NYC already has “all-seeing” surveillance system

-Bloomberg equates surveillance cameras on street corners to patrolling drones: “What’s the difference if a drone is up in the air or on a building?”

Well, Mr. Mayor, one is a drone and one is not. What he’s really saying here is that since your every move in NYC is already monitored, you should just accept the drones as well. His attitude is smug, and he’s rubbing it in our faces that we already live in a surveillance state. What’s a little more surveillance, he says? It’s keeping you safer, you Citizen-Loser.


Full NY Post Article:

Military-style drones will patrol NYC: Bloomberg

Last Updated: 5:15 PM, March 22, 2013
Posted: 5:12 PM, March 22, 2013

Like it or not, the eye in the sky will soon be following your every move, according to Mayor Bloomberg.

“You can’t keep the tides from coming in,” the mayor remarked when asked about drones on his weekly radio show.

“We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy. I just don’t see how you could stop that.”

The NYPD already has cameras mounted at strategic locations around the city and there’s no reason, by the mayor’s reckoning, that they have to attached to light poles.

“It’s scary. What’s the difference if a drone is up in the air or on a building,” he said.
A Draganflyer X6 drone aircraft owned by Mesa County, Colorado’s Sheriff’s Department.

“I mean, intellectually, I have trouble making a distinction. And you know you’re going to have face recognition software. People are working on that.”

The mayor put the timeframe for an all-seeing society at about five years, when he estimated “there’ll be cameras every place.”

Using the same line of reasoning, Bloomberg urged Albany to approve speed cameras to catch motorists going too fast on city streets.

“The argument against using automation, it’s this craziness– oh, it’s big brother. Get used to it. When there’s a murder, a shooting, a robbery of something the first thing the police do is go to every single building in the neighborhood and say let’s see your security camera,” he said.

He mistakenly put the speed limit here at 35 miles per hour. It’s actually 30.

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