CBS News Contradicts Itself In Latest Boston Bombing Coverage

In the CBS News article “FBI releases video of 2 Boston bombing suspects,” the video at the top tells the latest of what authorities think they know about the Boston bombing.  Which, according to host Bob Orr’s report, is that a white college-looking dude put down his backpack, then ran away after the first bomb went off.  Very soon after, the second bomb exploded in the area where he’d put the backpack down:

“(Official) Sources say the tape showed man putting his backpack down.  Then, as soon as the first bomb exploded…he fled.  A short time later, the second bomb exploded near the spot where the man had been standing,” Orr reports.

And yet, strangely, the full article right beneath the video says that investigators believe the bombs were both hidden in black duffel bags:

Boston bombing story CBS

The two stories, video and text, are meant to supplement one another but they directly contradict.  Is this just sloppy reporting of outdated information in an ongoing crisis?  Maybe, but the text has been updated more recently than the video, and has not been altered to match it, nor has the video been removed as of this writing.

Also, according to this and this, on the the day of the bombings there was an explosives drill going on around the marathon.  It’s a surreal coincidence.

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