Doublewood: Double-cross? Try Triple-cross.

When Edward Snowden was chaperoned into Hong Kong (of all places) by the English (of course), he probably did not know that this was to be the end game for him.   He will be “left hanging in the air, twisting in the wind”, as they say in that business.

The English intelligence folks have feasted royally on the US cheque book since 911.  There has been a whole industry of ex-British agents running around the Middle East, Hong Kong and China.   (In the UK tradition, by the way, there is no such thing as an “ex-agent”, just as no freemason can trully be an “ex” for as long as he lives.)  We are getting sick and tired of hearing them tell us how incredibly stupid and loaded with money the American spies (i.e., embassy people, journalists) are.  English people are extremely cheap, so these “contractor agents” easily gave themselves away when they uncharacteristically spent lavishly in this part of the world.

Snowden is probably too young to know how his English counterparts were thoroughly drilled in the arts and crafts of real-life double-crossing and triple-crossing.  To do that, you first identify and set up the “shit pots” you intend to ultimately “stir”.  Then you lure any number of people into supposed plots to do this n that, get this n that, make this n that …  set them up, make them believe they are onto their tracks.  Once you get them trapped in the triggering spot, you disappear … and strangers appear and stranger things start hurtling along.  Of course, these are all premeditated.

Having dumped Snowden into Hong Kong as a “human rights subject” and “hot potato for China”, the British government  yesterday notified all airlines that they will be fined GBP 2,000 if they allow Snowden to board any plane bound for the UK and that he will be denied entry.  That is a cut-and-dry double-cross on Snowden, but it leaves English fingerprints.  Simultaneously, this affair detonated a huge bomb that splattered and drenched our government with horrible slimes.  It also threw a monkey wrench into our new relations with China (although I believe that the Xi-Obama partnership will stand the test of this sort of dirty tricks).  English fingerprints are also evident in the damage that is being caused in our important ongoing discussions with Europe on TTIP (that stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a potential free trade arrangement).  The popular outrage in Europe on our Big Brother snooping and violation of their sovereignty is making it very difficult to progress on TTIP at the moment, especially in Germany where Merkel has an election coming up later this year.  Obama will have a rough trip this week in Europe.

For the English, they have a term for pulling off such a feat where multiple parties are screwed simultaneously in one fell swoop  – it’s called brilliant.  They brag about how many “shit pots” one can stir all at once!  That is their glory.

For the US, this also involves a triple-cross.  That’s because we are sponsoring and paying for much of the English activities in destablizing and subverting this part of the world.  There is so much build-up of old English-run spooks in Hong Kong lately that it seems almost like a Colonial Frankenstein Reunion.  The old freemasons are back out of the woodworks, and the threat of activating the infamous Black Book (sensitive file items removed from HK and kept in the UK and Australia by the British colonial agents) looms over the local citizens.   Bigger plots are in the works, with the Bo Xilai-Hayward affair last year only revealing a tip of that iceberg.  Xi Jingping should learn from Putin in dealing with the Englishmen.

Once again, I must raise the question.  What in the world are we wasting all this money for?  Are we so naive as to believe that the English can be trusted???  Are we so stupid as to want to make China our enemy, when they would rather be our cooperative partner?  Most of all, stop bungling about in the world of dirty tricks (remember Benghazi) and learn instead to use our diplomatic resources and statesmanship wisely.  Compulsive preaching to the rest of the world while practicing double standards will only cost us dearly.


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