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Update: Stocks Advance On GDP/ADP Report Before Fed Statement

Markets are making a push into record territory again this morning, after two better-than-expected economic prints came out ahead of the open. The market, however, remains largely range bound, as the S&P 500 has traded in record territory between 1,675 and 1,700 going on 14 days in a row now. As of 11:05AM, the S&P […]

Gold Technical Breakdown

Bernanke did not say anything hawkish at all today, yet the gold market is weaker this afternoon, off well over -1%. The main reason for the weakness continues to be further technical pressure. If you’ll notice below, the recent downward wedge pattern and subsequent breakdown in April resulted in a fairly strong resistance band in […]

Update: Markets Pause During Bernanke Q&A

The markets are pausing at the moment at all-time highs, as investors listen in to the Q&A portion of Bernanke’s testimony. Despite a slew of earnings reports out today, the main area of focus continues to be global central bank policy. Central Bank Actions Today: Fed –  Bernanke is currently testifying before the House Financial […]


Audio Podcast Here:  Squawk 7-15 WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE This week, investors will continue to focus on second-quarter earnings reports, as the Dow and S&P 500 re-approach their all time highs. Investors will also be looking on Wednesday for comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in his semiannual testimony before Congress on the schedule for cutbacks […]

Update: Global Rally On Bernanke Assurances

Bernanke’s “dovish” comments yesterday sparked a global market rally overnight/today, with Asian stocks ending strong (China – best day of the year, Korea – best day in 1.5 years) and European markets higher across the board (led by the DAX at +1.1%). Here in the U.S., both the DJIA and S&P 500 are flirting with […]

Fed Tapering: What Does It Mean?

Fed Tapering: What Does It Mean? (Peter Tran, 7/9/2013) What is Tapering? Does Tapering really mean monetary policy tightening? The central bank’s task is a juggling act to balance out different policy objectives. The main policy objectives are: (a) price stability [inflation], (b) stable currency, (c) controlling asset price inflation / deflation [a well functioning […]

New York Times

“Balanced” Coverage = Not Pissing Off The Establishment

In another phenomenal piece by Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi focusing on the doublespeak and intellectual gymnastics used to justify drone warfare, many valuable tidbits are revealed about the way the mainstream American news media function – that is, not as critics of establishment power, but as its agents in the management of public perception. Anyone […]