Doublewood: What Snowden Revealed

Just as I was thinking that what Edward Snowden would reveal was nothing new, something shocking has come to light!

He told us that we have been hacking the shit on China, while accusing China of doing it to us.  That should be a known-known, and nothing out of the ordinary in terms of our belief in our exceptionalism and long-standing practice of double-standards.  But when Obama came out to say that we only spied on foreigners, not our own citizens, you have to be an imbecile to buy that.  Except something worse came out of that unnecessary assertion.  As Snowden recently revealed, we apparently work closely with the Brits whom Snowden described as “far worse than we are” in clandestine eaves-dropping.  That’s not the rub.  The rub is that Obama was referring to the fact that when we snoop on US citizens, we commission the Brits (or their independent contractors) to do it .  So Obama is “telling the truth” because “legally”, Uncle Sam doesn’t do it.  We pay the British intelligence mercenaries to do that!

That is shocking!   How can a country pawn off its national security to another country?  How stupid and irresponsible can you be?  Not only have you compromised the very basics of national security, you are leaving your entire citizenry and corporate polity to balckmail and extortion by outsiders who happen to relish in these dark crafts for centuries!!!  With a Black Book on Americans in the hands of the English, practically no American politician should sleep soundly at night, not to mention many in higher and more critical positions of power and responsibility, now and well into the future.

This is what is still happening to the citizens of Hong Kong.  With the British hidden hand wielding the Black Book from England and Australia, strange facts about people’s private lives (some going way back into the Colonial era) are coming to the press at opportune moments.

Many of us think of the English as our trustworthy ally.  They must study history again.  Since 1900, the US had all but dismembered the British empire.  We refused to forgive a single penny of their WWI as well as WWII debts to us.  Instead, we did everything we could to debunk the pound sterling from her world currency pedestal.  They retaliated after Wall Street crashed in 1929, forging a currency union with her world-wide colonies, abandoned the gold standard and let the pound sterling depreciated substantially, thereby effectively shut us out of large parts of the world market.  That was the main root of the trade war that caused the Depression to be long and deep, and we were not quite out of it until Roosevelt managed to drag the nation into WWII.  After the war, we steadfastly kept the Brits out of sharing power at Bretton Woods in 1944-45.  Little is revealed of how the Brits betrayed us by leaking nuclear secrets to the USSR, allowing the latter to possess the atom bomb much sooner than expected.  (Lord Victor Rothschild, who hovered over MI5 and MI6 and was reputed to be the fifth man in the Cambridge Five, is generally thought to have traded the American secrets to the Soviets in return for their recognition of the State of Israel at the UN in late 1948.  The Soviets detonated its first atomic bomb in August 1949, way ahead of expectation, and ushering in the Cold War.)

We must be mindful of the fact that the English have nothing but contempt for Americans.  If the Snowden allegations about the Brits were true, we had better flush out our systems.

– doublewood

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