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Abe’s Fukushima

During the past 2 years, the preoccupation of the Japanese authorities in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear plants was — you guessed it — the removal of the spent plutonium fuel rods to another storage site.  Saving these precious nuclear weaponization materials remained the national priority and, only after that had been substantially accomplished, did TEPCO […]

Update: Stocks/Bonds Slides On Fed Angst

Both stocks and bonds are down sharply this morning amid choppy economic data and disappointing results from both Wal-Mart and Cisco, which showed that consumer spending remains weak. Judging by the reaction in bond yields, however, the overall reaction suggests improvement in economic conditions (continued reduction in the pace of firings to the slowest since […]

China’s “Da Mah”

China’s “Da Mah”, or big mothers, are becoming an economic force to be reckoned with.  They also descend on Hong Kong and clean up the gold retail shops. They are contrarians in the face of the recent Wall Street gold sell-off trend.  Good for them. – doublewood    


Audio Podcast Here:  WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE Investors will be looking for the markets to rebound after having their worst week since June. However, market attention will be on the August home-builder index, which will gauge interest-rate rises’ effect on housing. – Economic Data: We are scheduled for a heavy week on the economic data front, […]


Audio Podcast Here:  WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE After the Dow & S&P 500 hit new closing highs last week, investors will continue to focus on second-quarter earnings reports. – Economic Data: We are scheduled for a light week on the economic data front, highlighted by Monday’s ISM Services; Tuesday’s Trade Balance; Wednesday’s Consumer Credit; Thursday’s Weekly […]

Korea Times: Nazis of the Orient?

The Koreans seem to mind a lot… Also, at the London Olympics last year, the Japanese gymnastic teams also wore uniforms splash-designed with the WWII naval flag.  It’s bizarre. – doublewood Nazis of the Orient? Put real teeth back to ‘Kim Young-ran Law’ Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso of Japan is no stranger to making ludicrous statements. […]

Update: S&P 500 Breaks Above 1,700 On Strong Economic Data

Global equity markets are incredibly strong this morning, as broader U.S. indices are breaking out of a three-week range with the S&P 500 crossing above 1,700 for the first time ever. We had some very encouraging economic data prints this morning, including a blowout ISM manufacturing number just moments ago. Yesterday’s FOMC statement did not […]