Monthly Archives: September 2013

Doublewood: ICE and Onions

Latest ICE Earlier, I quipped about my exclusive World Recovery ICE (Independent Corroborative Evidence) based on the number of polluted days in my neighborhood of Southern China.  Having started it, I now owe you an update from when I reported that the world economic recovery was sluggish because I looked out and saw constant sunny blue skies.  That […]

Doublewood: A Weak President In A Polycentric World

The current quandary on Syria is a vivid demonstration of the dynamics of a polycentric global power configuration. In my recent email on “A Polycentric Reality”, I wrote: “During a polycentric era, alliances do not work strongly, if at all … the world has a strong non-alignment tendency. Self-interest and influence dictate foreign policies.” Our […]

Doublewood: Obama And “Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断”

President Obama abruptly changed course by asking lawmakers, who are not due to return to town for more than a week, to give him authorization before he launches a limited military strike against Syria. The Press reported that this was a shock and “contray to every expectation by his national security team.” The Syrian rebels […]