Doublewood: Obama And “Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断”

President Obama abruptly changed course by asking lawmakers, who are not due to return to town for more than a week, to give him authorization before he launches a limited military strike against Syria. The Press reported that this was a shock and “contray to every expectation by his national security team.” The Syrian rebels expressed disappointment and pointed out that Obama is giving Assad plenty of time to rout them out in a war that has turned decisively in the government’s favor.

I expect this episode to have significant lingering effects, and will not rule out the possibility that this can be the beginning of Obama’s demise in office.

John Kerry warned: “Obama will do what he says he is going to do.” To me, this sounds like a lecturing. Given his background, Kerry presently represents the stalwarts behind our “Board Of Directors” presiding over CEO Obama. The message is directed at Obama: “You’d better! Or else …”

For Chinese experts who have long been analysing Obama, the reaction is: “Here he (Obama) goes again. He simply cannot abide by his words, can he?”.

There is an excellent expression in Chinese depicting people who are extremely indecisive — Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断. It has vast literary and historical contexts and stories behind it. Obama seems to fit the definition like a glove.

For Kiwis and Aussies, they may call Obama’s behavior “dilly-dally”. For us Americans, we may call him “wishy-washy”. Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断 describes a far more serious form of indecisiveness. A Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断 person turns one simple decision into multiple complex decisions, and manufactures infinite apparent moral and other dilemmas for himself to consider. Subjectively, he may think he is cautious and just playing it safe “because on the one hand, this…on the other hand, that … and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps … and besides, what if …what if … and what if …?” Unfortunately, his indecision typically causes irreparable damages to many, and he is oblivious to such causes and effects. That’s why Chinese mothers counsel their daughters never to marry a Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断 man because he will wrought disasters and calamities upon his family and fellow associates. When serious, Yiouyiou Guaduan is a constant facade for a pathological coward.

As Mao Zedong once said to his indecisive subordinates: “If you have to fart, fart!” Obama would have a hard time under Mao, I think.

I had reminded you to tread carefully in life. At the same time, you should take note of this lesson in life not to be Yiourou Guaduan 优柔寡断.


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