Monthly Archives: November 2013

What Japan Has In Store For US – Doublewood

As Japan progressively advances its militarization agenda, one of the biggest steps and end-games would be to “inherit” the many well-developed military bases the US currently maintains on Japanese soil. I have therefore warned that one of the likely schemes of the Japanese would be to use “extremists” to make America realize that their lives […]

China’s 18 – 3

That stands for the 3rd plenary session of the 18th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) held 2 weeks ago in Beijing. I think it will likely go down in history as one of the most important events coming into the 21st century. I have given you plenty of advanced notice about major […]

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves

The People’s Bank of China said the country does not benefit any more from increases in its foreign-currency holdings, adding to signs policy makers will rein in dollar purchases that limit the yuan’s appreciation. According to Kenneth Leung, professor of economics at Daniels College of Business, “Part of that move could be related with a bigger geopolitical […]