What Japan Has In Store For US – Doublewood

As Japan progressively advances its militarization agenda, one of the biggest steps and end-games would be to “inherit” the many well-developed military bases the US currently maintains on Japanese soil. I have therefore warned that one of the likely schemes of the Japanese would be to use “extremists” to make America realize that their lives are endangered and their military presence on Japanese soil is neither welcome, defensible nor necessary. Hence, let the Japanese control them on behalf of the “alliance” (after all, they had been paying for their construction, upkeep and operating expenses for decades).


This firecracker is just a small rehearsal and suggestive provocation. Japan had always used deception, sneek tactics, fabricated plots to further their unsavory agenda. The Pearl Harbor attack was a vintage in a long string of similar maneuvers in China as the May 1925 fabricated incidents in Shanghai, the September 18, 1931 plot in Manchuria, the January 28 1932 plot in Shanghai, the July 7 1937 Marco Polo Bridge incident, etc, and many assasinations and terrorist acts orchestrated to put the blames on others and/or trigger excuses for aggression. In the end, the Japanese authorities and establishment were always found to be the ultimate perpetrator.

If we think that we can use Japan to help “contain” the China “threat”, we will likely be shocked out of our wits when the real threat comes from the very doormat we place in front of our imaginary enemy’s door.

We should not be surprised if our bases in Japan are attacked or terrorized one day by “Japanese left-wing extremists” or fabricated “Chinese nationals”.

– doublewood

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