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Abe’s Shrine Visit

    Spectre of militarism. – doublewood

Abe pays tribute to the war criminals

Emboldened by the enactment of a new Special Secrecy Protection Act (“SSPA”) by Japan’s Diet, Prime Minister Abe brazenly paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo this week. The shrine is controversial because it “houses” Japan’s Class-A war criminals from World War Two. This overt action finally prompts criticism even from the US media […]

Keep An Eye On M-3

Two years ago, in my “Story On Gold – 2” essay, I described how G&C (government and central bank) discredited the meaningfulness of the broad money supply data known as M-3 (the broader measure of money, which includes money-market funds and large time deposits held by private individuals & institutions). They went on to discontinue […]

Minutes Of Kissinger Meeting On Gold, 1974 – Doublewood Analysis

In the Minutes Of Kissinger Meeting On Gold, 1974, we can read how Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor and Secretary Of State at the time, was discussing the matter of preserving US dollar hegemony. “After Nixon “temporarily” suspended the convertibility of dollars into gold in 1971, because evil international speculators were attacking the US dollar, some of […]