Abe pays tribute to the war criminals

Emboldened by the enactment of a new Special Secrecy Protection Act (“SSPA”) by Japan’s Diet, Prime Minister Abe brazenly paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo this week. The shrine is controversial because it “houses” Japan’s Class-A war criminals from World War Two. This overt action finally prompts criticism even from the US media and the White House.



What the whole world must now take note of is the above-mentioned SSPA which allows the Japanese PM and 3 of his cabinet ministers to constitute a committee empowered to designate matters as “special secrets”, prohibiting anyone from disclosing them under threat of prosecution. This law practically ensures that Japan can proceed on a militarism path and keep everything secret. In fact, all Japanese (including the PM and the Emperor) will be obligated to lie to the US authorities when asked about matters designated as “special secrets” (nuclear weapons, biological and genetic weapons, chemical weapons …)

This sort of laws also existed during the reign of militarism in Japan in the first half of the 20th century, prior to her defeat in 1945. They gave rise to waves of white terror to snuff out any domestic opposition to the militarists’ agenda, until the entire population submitted to obediently serving in Japan’s warring adventures. SSPA shocks me into the realisation that this is how Fascism can be activated so easily.
My warning on Abe when he won both houses of the Diet this summer is quite correct (even the Emperor cannot stop the militarists now).

Can America afford to sleep?

– doublewood

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