Doublewood: Coming Attractions

Just as the year 2013 drew to a seemingly peaceful conclusion, we have to start looking at the risks lurking in the landscape and/or quavering in the subterranean crevices. To prepare you for a potentially eventful 2014 and beyond, I would like to share with you my perspectives on some big-picture matters, so that you would be less likely to be misled and more likely to anticipate and/or comprehend what might seem shocking or unlikely developments. To keep track of the important subjects, I have listed the following as “coming attractions”, and hope to address them in due course, though not necessarily in this order:

– Farewell Bernanke, Long Live The Gospel According To MIT

– Why Militarism? Understanding The Tragedy Of Today’s Japan

– The Story Of Gold – 5

– Cold War Vs. Interactive Non-Peace In A Polycentric World

– China Slaloms Through Political Economic Mine-Fields

The calm of the New Year’s Eve may have disguised the gathering clouds that may turn into storms and hurricanes. Or sunshine may yet break through to give us balmy days in 2014. Am I sounding like Alan Greenspan?

Anyway – Shalom and Happy New Year !

– doublewood

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