The Obama Legacy – Doublewood

When I read this headline “A Catastrophe Like No Other” in the WSJ, I thought it was about American foreign policy.
I don’t live in the US to be able to appreciate what the Obama years of political showbiz will do to our future domestically.  I am thankful, however, that Obamacare does not (yet) apply to us citizens living abroad.  We can at least afford more-than-adequate healthcare without being denied the freedom of choice.  I had thought that the healthcare reform in America should be about affordability and breaking up the cartel that had strangualted capitalist competition in that vital industry.
Right from the beginning, Obama’s “reform” initiative turned out to be a long-term guaranteed business growth plan for the “managed care” cartel.  What is worse, it cements a price-fixing structure that gives us no alternative to the mediocre-at-best services at Cartier prices.  It is patently un-American and retards progress.
And that, believe it or not, is mild compared to the damages that Barack had brought to our foreign policy.
– doublewood

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