Doublewood: A Bumper Harvest

As I have mentioned, we are witnessing a bumper harvest of accomplishments and other advancements in relations between the US and China, to coincide with the state visit by President Xi.  The following capsulizes the signed documents summarizing the two hundred-plus agreements, understandings and cooperative frameworks reached among various parties in numerous sectors.  It reflects the amazing progress made since Presidents Xi and Obama agreed to begin the “New Model Of Major-Country Relationship” when they met at the Annenberg estate in California in the summer of 2013.  Much more will be achieved if the two countries stay on this course.  There are deep ongoing engagements in over 150 sectors between the two countries.  The key is to avoid confrontation and physical clash at the strategic level, and actively manage differences and unease with each other’s actions and/or perceptions through candid and open communication, negotiation and coordination.  This is to prevent the two sides from falling into the so-called “Thucydides Trap”.
– Doublewood

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