Monthly Archives: December 2015

Depeche Mode Fed Week

Janet Yellen, the market’s own Personal Jesus. “It’s too late to change events, it’s time to face the consequence, for delivering the proof, in the policy of truth…You will always wonder how, it could have been if you only lied.”

Avon Calling? More Like Putting.

On the technical front, clear downtrend channel, coming off the top end of its range today, down -6%. On a steady train back to the land of $2-$3. On the fundamental front (opinion from VW), “AVP: worst CEO ever. Lap dog from JNJ, passed up chance to sell to Coty for $25. Oops. You go […]

Doublewood: Syria And World Order

Fetus Of A Universal War The current global situation is a live context to understanding Kissinger’s new book World Order. The events in the last decade leading to today’s crisis in the Middle East may well have prompted the writing of the book, or at least necessitated one like it. The melees in and around […]