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Doublewood: Outcomes of G-20

The Hangzhou Consensus At the conclusion of the Hangzhou Summit, the G-20 issued a 48-point communique. Forty-eight points are exceptionally lengthy for a communique, especially when every word in each point has to be unanimously agreed upon by all 20 attending member-nations. Multinational communiques are generally regarded as “apple-pie-and-motherhood” statements that have neither teeth nor […]

Doublewood: G20 – The Turning Point

G-20 Summit – The Turning Point [September 3, 2016] In the next few days, world leaders will gather in Hangzhou, China for the annual G-20 summit. Unlike previous gatherings, the international community is anticipating this summit to potentially mark an historic turning point. In my closer proximity to what has been going on, I think […]