Doublewood: Why Hillary’s Emails Just Couldn’t Go Away

If, as many now believe, the FBI re-investigation of Hillary’s emails struck a fatal blow to her campaign by precipitously reversing the momentum of voting sentiment, then the hit was made with military precision.

The moment I realized that Trump was going to win, I recalled a couple of observations from sources in China. Beginning many months ago, I was told that there appeared to be “very strong resistance against Clinton from the US military and intelligence community”. Later, that observation included the wording “interference from”. This was one of the elements described by Chinese analysts as “extraordinary” and “highly unusual” in their assessment of American electoral politics.

The military and intelligence community harbors resentment towards Hillary because they believe that her behavior and secret activities relating to the conduct of foreign clandestine oprations led to disastrous and unnecessary loss of lives. Her illegal concealment of information and use of private emails and channels of command were tantamount to running her own national security operations. In so doing, she allegedly breached vital protocols and standard security safeguards that led to wholesale breakdown in internal coordination. The Benghazi disaster was a prime example of running multiple simultaneous clandestine plots that ended up in confusion, with the formal national security apparatus unaware of vital information and command verification. Then her team also lied about what happened. The incredible “disappearance” of huge caches of arms and munitions from US Command in Yemen and elsewhere, and their showing up in the hands of many combatants scattered about and intermittently identified as ISIS fighters or Syrian anti-government rebels, may also have been run “unbeknownst” to many whose business it was to know.

That’s all part of what Hillary called “Smart Power”. They were nothing but complusive dirty tricks that spread all over and still festering in many places in the world today. Most seriously, she might have bypassed the legitimate command structure which led to disastrous consequences. No wonder there is talk of Obama needing to grant her an executive pardon.

In his victory speech, Donald Trump thanked a list of people and mentioned “last but not the least, the group of 50 (ex?) military officers for their support”.


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