#Pizzagate, Clinton, & Podesta: What is it, and is it credible?

Some may have noticed the hashtag #Pizzagate around the Internet lately, and aren’t sure what it’s all about. So, what is #Pizzagate? In the post that follows I will provide a #Pizzagate summary to explain the movement’s origin, outline which of its claims have been confirmed as verifiable facts, and offer my own conclusion as to whether or not you should be paying closer attention.

(Note: Was #Pizzagate debunked by the New York Times, Snopes, the Washington Post, and other major outlets? Learn more here.)

First off, forgive the length — quite a bit of context and explanation is required to do an explanation of the “#Pizzagate” phenomenon justice. Also, a disclaimer: In addition to being difficult to digest, much of the research into #Pizzagate was originally being conducted by web sleuths who supported Donald Trump for president. I only mention that because those with anti-Trump sentiments seem especially at risk for a knee-jerk rejection of the theories involved. However, keep in consideration that information gleaned by someone with a pro-Trump viewpoint does not necessarily invailidate the significance of the facts and connections uncovered. Forget their voting habits and other assumptions you may have about them for a moment, and just consider the following with an open mind so you’re equipped to judge it on its own merits. The work of the researchers reflects a recognition that similar scandals have happened on both sides of the political aisle, and are completely bipartisan.

Now, some necessary background.

As you likely know, Wikileaks published emails that were hacked from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, along with a huge series of email dumps from her campaign chairman John Podesta’s account. Podesta isn’t just a Clinton campaign chairman, he’s a long-time political operative rated as one of Washington’s most influential people.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the contents from emails associated with the two leaks are mundane. But web sleuths on Reddit and 4Chan, two discussion board websites, found something strange buried within the email dumps: nonsensical references to pizza.

For a bit of context, Reddit is more “mainstream,” so to speak, while 4Chan is rather infamous for its reputation for being a stronghold for, among other things, the sharing of depraved and illegal content.

Further digging into the emails found similarly strange references to pasta, along with some other words peppered strangely into nonsensical sentence constructions. Regardless of what they actually mean, the explanation that makes the most logical sense to many who have read the messages is this: they’re speaking in code. About what, we can’t be certain. But read the messages in question below to see for yourself:

In perhaps the strangest of the emails suspected of containing codewords, Podesta and another party are discussing a “handkerchief” he left at a house rented for a private event of some kind:

Re: Did you leave a handkerchief

To: ses@sandlerfoundation.org Date: 2014-09-04 02:28
Subject: Re: Did you leave a handkerchief
It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.

Remember how I mentioned 4Chan having a blemish on its history for being a platform where illegal depravity was being shared? Well, according to longtime 4Channers, the strangely-worded messages were chock full of very well-established early Internet and “Deep Web” codewords for child porn, pedophilia, and BDSM. Here’s how they break it down:

Handkerchief — BDSM code, different colors have different meanings but black indicates sadomasochism in some circles (variable depending on community)
Pillows — Drugs (variable)
Cheese Pizza — Child pornography
Cheese — Child
Pasta — Boy
Hot Dog — Boy
Dominos — BDSM domination
Chicken — Young boy

For one example, here’s a screengrab of an advert on the deep web from someone selling child pornography as “Cheese Pizza”:



  1. Hi, nice post.
    However, two points that has been debunked previously, Ibrahima Diallo is a common name.

    Also there is more than one Andrew Kline:

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewkline1 that Andrew Kline
    http://theveritaslawfirm.com/meet-the-team-andrew-j-kline/ the Andrew Kline listed under Besta’s business info. They’re different people.
    Andrew Kline is listed as the agent, btw, not the owner. He likely only brokered the deal for the pizzeria to open in that building.

    This is really well written and researched, really good work. I wonder if you could post the sources to your images?

    1. Also, some more sources that you can link to in regards to the art and associates of the Podesta brothers.
      Having as many sources as possible for the most skeptical minds.

      1. Thanks for these notes! I will update the piece in the next week or so to reflect those very important points, and work on adding sources for the images, which would indeed be helpful to provide.

  2. Rigorously Institutionalized · · Reply

    Good luck. Most of the things that are passed off as “evidence” here would be destroyed in a court of law by any half way decent defense attorney & I’m pretty sure that any of these people mentioned could afford better than half way decent defense council. The ties to the art world & Heavy Breathing videos are particularly laughable given the fact that art has always used disturbing imagery. Whether one agrees with that use is irrelevant because it’s protected under free speech laws. The skeeziness of Bill Clinton isn’t exactly news either. But what also isn’t news is that the Clintons were the target of a political smear campaign orchestrated by the right wing, where people, including state troopers, were paid for testimony.

    When you type statements like this: “The likelihood of such an attack (DDos) being unrelated to developments in the investigation is close to zero,” this is you making shit up in your head. While it may not be unrelated, blaming the accused is a bit premature given the number of college kids that are having nightly “Hillary should be pres.” demonstrations at the universities in my area alone. I’d say it’s equally plausible that one or many of those ticked off liberals, who no doubt live on the Internet like most young folk do these days, took offense at 4Chan’s Hillary Hate/Trump Love & decided to fuck with them.

    This would be a lot more believable if 4Chan wasn’t promoting a Trump presidency given Trump’s equally suspicious ties to Epstein & this somewhat infamous quote:
    “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
    I do wonder what Jessica Slaughter would say about the good intentions of 4Chan folk.

    Also, given the fact that Conspiracy Of Silence, the suppressed video about the Franklin Sex Abuse scandal, said basically the same things about Republicans, yet Republicans seem suspiciously absent from all accusations, does make one wonder about hidden agendas.

    Personally, I didn’t vote for either one of these assholes. Choosing between the pile shit with a penis or the pile of shit with a vagina seemed like an exercise in extreme futility.

    Like I said Good Luck. I suspect that a year from now this will all be a faded Internet memory as attention challenged computer nerds move on to other fresher hunting grounds.

    1. Oh, I agree — I mention several times that none of this is particularly actionable, especially in a legal sense. I also acknowledge that extrapolations are being made, since the material doesn’t yet allow for a definitive conclusion (again, I mention this several times in several different ways.)

      On the Republicans being involved, if it’s all real, I have no doubt that it has zilch to do with the Democrats in particular; they just happen to be the group whose emails got hacked. The Republicans will be included in the accusations when researchers find more linking them — what you call a targeted attack on Dems I think is just a lack of easy-to-find information for the other side. I’m also aware of Trump’s relationship with Epstein, but couldn’t find info regarding him flying on the Lolita Express or other specifics, as I could with the Clintons, which leads me to believe his ties are, although real, not “equally suspicous” as you claim.

      I also go out of my way to mention that the people leading this research are basically universally Trump supporters. On the DDoS attack, the likelihood of it happening to coincide perfectly with the Arun Rao research beginning still seems incredibly unlikely to me to be from a totally unrelated source. So I stand behind that claim, at least for now.

      In summary: the piece acknowledges the bulk of they criticisms you’ve offered, which doesn’t make them unfair or incorrect, but seems a little silly to mention when they’ve already been noted in the piece. Either way, thanks for chiming in. A discussion of something like this demands that we acknowledge the weaknesses and holes and, as I say several times in the piece, right now there is no proof, no smoking gun, etc. That’s why I say to just look at the coincidences so far and draw your own conclusions, until/unless more is uncovered. I think, in due time, more will be. Whether or not it becomes enough to be actionable in a legal sense is another question entirely.

      Lastly, I would disagree about the computer nerds being attention challenged. A lot of them have rather obsessive personalities, and since many of them believe fully that this scandal is real, I don’t think they’ll ever stop digging. Time will tell if that’s true, and if so, whether or not anything truly actionable can be found.

      1. Many high ranking, wealthy & govt related people (including law enforcemnt) of all party affiliations, color, race, etc. are pedophiles & partake in these secretive pedophile, sexually deviate, some satanic based acts. pizzagate is one in a vast network of sickos that have been around for a vey long time. For anyone to poo-poo this by politicizing it, is blind & in serious denial &/or a shill for the pedos. Children are being harmed somewhere, somehow in a very sick manner & you nay sayers have to say is it’s a right wing snear campaign? What a bunch of cowards you are. These are very serious allegations, children are at the center of it; they have no voice. The circumstancial evidence is what we (the sheep) are aware of – but the real truth is out there, fbi, law enforcement have it, it’s damning evidence, for all political parties but they are being protected, and have for decades. justice has been politicized & seriously compromised, this is what these sickos count on; anyone chalking pizzagate up to some anti-hillary or right wing “conspiracy” is only helping these sickos get a way with their deviate crimes against children – try thinking outside your safe space box, use your brain, common sense screams: who is the child w a bloody mouth? How did that happen? Where is she now? Why does an infant have a busted tooth? Who’s baby is it? Pedophilia is not a republican or democrat thing – it’s just plain sick+abusive to children(& infants) – there’s plebty of smoke surrounding pizzagate & I bet you’ll find prominent people in BOTH sides of the political aisle involved!

    2. Nice try shill……the evidence is damning and the Pedophiles are on the run.

      Very objective article btw.

      1. Please exercise restraint. The claims are indeed extraodinary, and expressing honest skepticism doesn’t make anyone a shill. I appreicate your passion for the topic, but Rigorously Institutionalized was just expresssing an opinion that, at this point, I’d expect many others to share. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

    3. scribblerg · · Reply

      You make a common intellectual mistake from the outset regarding what is legally actionable as a criminal matter versus what is worth investigating. If you listen to what Pizzagate folks say, they are asking for investigations to be undertaken by the media and where appropriate, by law enforcement.

      I’m not convinced yet on this issue, but I am convinced that Podesta should be investigated, along with numerous others. If they are cleared, so be it. But the point is that nothing is being done with this evidence. And I don’t care what you claim, the use of coded language is very suggestive. Many people have been investigated with far less evidence.

      So yes, you are technically correct – this isn’t a legal case yet. But that’s a straw man as most people involved merely want a real investigation. Seems perfectly legit to me.

    4. Monika Petersen is dead, got too close to something in Haiti. There’s a lot of smoke here, so there must be a fire burning. Comet PP’s Instagram page has pics glorifying pedophilia, but someone as ‘cultured’ as you probably would call that art.

  3. Rigorously Institutionalized · · Reply

    Thanks for the civil reply. No need to publish this. BTW, in retrospect, I should have said that the story itself was weak, not your summary of the story. It wasn’t a personal attack. You’ve actually done a good job of summarizing what is pages & pages of sometimes irrelevant comments on reddit & 4chan. All a bit daunting if one is time challenged with work & family, so thanks.

    1. Many thanks — didn’t take it as a personal attack at all, but really appreciate it!

    2. scribblerg · · Reply

      Yes, the story is ‘weak’ if you are in a court of law. But not if you investigating in the early stages. And certainly there is plenty of raw meat for any investigative journalist to dig into.

      You seem to feel you’ve taken the high ground but you haven’t. You’ve offered a straw man argument that does no damage to the Pizzagate sage.

  4. Dr. Chocolate · · Reply

    Appreciate the summary as I didn’t have to suffer through 4chanspeak and insidery Reddit threads to get it. It’s not written in inflammatory rhetoric but states the ‘theory’ in full. That’s commendable. In efforts of full disclosure, I don’t believe a bit of it. It’s all sketchy correlations and flimsy threads drawn up by the same internet sleuthers who went after the wrong Boston bomber and basement prankster who love to watch the media jump.

    However the one thing I will agree with, or at least admit too. Jeffrey Epstein and his parties and his social circles is terrifying. Regardless of political affiliation. The fact that it seems there’s no further investigation into his friendships and others involved (unless it’s way discrete – which would make sense) is baffling. He had to have had a decent number of people knowledgeable and involved in all his illicit activities. He’s not coordinating all the ‘logistics’ of that by himself. In that light:

    “I’m also aware of Trump’s relationship with Epstein, but couldn’t find info regarding him flying on the Lolita Express or other specifics…”

    Here you go:

    “Trump rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane at least once, according to the deposition of Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother.”

    There’s more in the article.

    1. Thanks for your comment! In the interest of balance, I’ll provide a note regarding Trump’s friendship with Epstein and link to that nicely informative article. I don’t blame your rejection of the theories thus far (do check back, as I’ll post follow-ups as this continues) — but appreciate your cordial and thoughtful response!

    2. scribblerg · · Reply

      Epstein has already been convicted of sex crimes with minors.

  5. Bobby Light · · Reply

    Thank you for your excellent research of #PizzaGate. I think there are too many coincidences for this to be ignored, let alone be deemed as ‘fake news’. The probability of this being a pedo ring increases as each bit of information is factored in, and it starts with having a private email server, then destroying it … The email pedo code, disgusting child artwork in Podesta’s office, connections to known pedo’s like Epstein, replacing of comet pizza logos, Clinton ties to Beyond Borders, etc. Anyone who isn’t at least suspicious is not a thinking person.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There is indeed more strangeness being uncovered daily, perhaps even stranger than some of the initial discoveries, which I will include in a follow-up once I can coherently assemble them.

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  7. Pizzagate is real · · Reply

    Video evidence that I find inexplicably odd if not sinister:

    The popular Secret Pizza Party children’s book, still found on YouTube. It is full of references that once accustomed to the code words and subtle references (a racoon being a criminal etc.) is just laughing at regular people that don’t get it. Despite many five star reviews on Amazon, the top reviewer gave it one star well before “pizzagate” started, siting that the overarching message of secrecy reminded them of what a pedophile might say to their victim. The author has also done books such as Dragons Love Tacos and Aliens Love Underpants. They have conotations as well; I am not as versed in all possible code words but I have read an alien may mean a little boy lover. On the jimmycomet instagram he is pictured wearing swirly glasses (the swirl being the symbol for a boy lover) and he captioned the image simply by saying “space alien” — which would frankly make no sense unless there is an underlying meaning.

    Then there’s the 4 or so Eli Sizemore YouTube reviews of places around DC including Comet Pizza — the slogan for all reviews is “where we spend our time so you can have a good time” (videos scrubbed from the internet) — they are plain strange. The reviews are all roughly 40 second clips done in very slited conversation and appear to use similar code words. Vidoes were initially posted 4 years ago. Another place reviewed was a comic shop, the information presented was odd (as all videos were) and the kid mentions that the shop has things other than comics, such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” specifically. In one video it ends with the kid that is on camera angry at the person filming him, his name was Chris.

    Lastly I would delve further into Majestic Ape. Their birthday party video at Comet Pizza discussing nothing but coded speech is the most disturbing video evidence there is and includes mentions of euthanasia. Showing this to someone with zero frame of reference (making it 100% indecipherable), they still thought it was disgusting. Whatever they were talking about was simply not normal “inside jokes”.

    Between the major censoring and articles playing up the “poor innocent me” angle on some of the main suspects, now we have snopes.com listing pizzagate as “false”. After opening a page to pizzagate as under investigation for less than 24 hours they have reached their conclusion. Seriously — they looked through all angles in that time when I have studied it for several weeks and am not fully versed…? I would say there is a pedophile ring, to what extent and if the occult is involved I cannot say for certain. They are covering their assess (what are they going to do, say they’re guilty?!) and have plausible deniability on their side for now. They have constructed their online presence in such a way that they can scrape by on flimsey excuses and get away with it; that’s what hiding in plain sight is all about. That does not mean the allegations deserve to be labeled false. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Snopes.com, and other articles surfacing online, have presented few of our main points (or outright made up the information we are investigating), glossed over several other glaring issues, and came to a conslusion just like that? They mentioned none of the three above videos I have sited nor countless other potential connections. Everything addressing this spins it that we are all conspiracy nuts yet none of our concerns have been legitimately addressed. It reeks of a cover up.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do think it’s interesting that the NYT “Fact Check” article didn’t actually fact check any of the claims at all. At best it was extremely lazy, but one would think if this was all so absurd that debunking at least SOME of the actual research would be relatively easy for them. Instead they just sort of said “Oh poor Alefnatis, he’s getting death threats now” without actually addressing any of the points covered in the research at all. I may include a reference to this in follow-ups. Rather striking for an article with “Fact Check” in the headline didn’t bother to even try to check any facts.

  8. Dave Flintstone · · Reply

    Has the expensive broken hard drive seller “cheesybay” with all the wifi signals and connection to comet ping pong been debunked or is it worth including?


    1. I wanted to hold off and maybe include those in a follow-up. There is just a lot of info to process as it is, and although I don’t think those have been debunked, they added a level of complexity that I thought would make the summary less accessible. The whole Mr. Potato Head/ Hawaii stuff is extremely bizarre, no doubt.

  9. Thank you for this very good summary!
    yes you are right, we need to cool down and analyse the facts.
    Of course the art collection of the Paedestas is a bit creepy, but it’s not forbidden to collect creepy art. It’s also not forbidden to make bad jokes like that ape-woman. And, yes, it’s even not forbidden to take creepy pictures of your kids – although it’s not a good idea to post them online.
    I know people who like to do creepy stuff and have a dark sense of humour – but they never ever would do anybody any harm!
    And you can be a fan of Marina Abramovic without being a perv or devil worshipper. There are many artists dealing with creepy topics. Some of them just like to shock the public or maybe also draw our attention to these things! Art also has something to do with telling us something about society. And artists are sometimes very sensitive people who are feeling the nastiness happening everywhere in that society… so they are more messengers than wrongdoers.
    I think there are other things, which are much more alarming – for example these “paedo”-symbols and also being close with people like Jeffrey Epstein – or that Haiti-“orphan”-scandal.
    Now I see the danger, that there is “disinfo” popping up. But we need some serious resaerch. Your article is a good way to start!

    1. You’re welcome Redlope, thanks for your comment!

  10. I believe #PizzaGate is part of a larger story of immense corruption, based on the #FBIAnon 4chan chat of July 3rd. He hinted at something as large as the pedo ring but also that it was all tied into corruption with the Clinton Foundation. It’s more than just trafficking in people, there is information and weapons too. SAP documents were found on Hillary’s server. Those had to have been manually transferred away from the State Dept’s secure classified email system. WTF could she have needed that stuff for? Many suspect direct links between foreign donations to CGI and arms sales to Bahrain. The scope of the problem makes me dizzy.

    One other thing to consider, is if these allegations are even partly true then the mysterious deaths that follow the Clintons seem to make more sense – instead of the theory that the killings were done by contract killers it’s more plausible that they were done by *volunteers.* The winner of the rock-scissors-paper game was the one who got to do the killing.

    And it’s not just the Democrats. Apparently Dennis Hastert had more problems than just the pedophelia charges.

    I don’t like to pimp my own writing on other people’s blogs, but you may want to check out this story http://bondibox.newsvine.com/_news/2016/11/14/36347525-the-sum-of-all-conspiracies

    1. Hi, I’m checking this site in 2020. One of the last places I can find a summary of the Pizzagate scandal after everything’s been scrubbed from the net. Your link now goes to an NBC news website. What gives?

      1. Hi there, Ollie. Thanks for your comment. What link are you referring to, exactly?

  11. An Ian Fleming quote comes to mind: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

  12. Giles Porter · · Reply

    Trump wont touch this. His COS, Reince Pribus, even said so.

    Good luck investigating. Noone else will likely touch it either. BTW, it all seems quite plausible. Keep at it!

  13. Thanks for all this.

    By the way, the WaPo article on Tony Podestas home art indicated the “naked photos of teens” in his bathroom were done by a photographer named Katy Grannan.

    Katy Grannan also did a portrait of Mr. Obama for the New York Times.


  14. MorethenConspiracy · · Reply

    Maybe there is more then just pedophilia at work…

    The legend of Lilith derives from a theory that Genesis has two creation accounts (Genesis 1:27 and 2:7, 20–22). The two stories allow for two different women. Lilith does not appear in the Bible (apart from a debatable reference comparing her to a screech owl in the Hebrew text of Isaiah 34:14). Some rabbinic commentators, however, refer to Lilith as the first created woman, who refused to submit to Adam and fled from the garden. Eve was then created to be Adam’s helper. After their expulsion from the garden, Adam reunited for a time with Lilith before finally returning to Eve. Lilith bore Adam a number of children, who became the demons of the Bible. According to kabbalistic legend, after Adam’s reconciliation with Eve, Lilith took the title Queen of the Demons and became a murderer of infants and young boys, whom she turned into vampires.

    The near First Lady… and the near First Woman…

    Ok, that’s a far-fetched idea, but I saw the comment about werewolves in the photograph you have of the creepy freezer that they had, and immediately thought about vampires and their notorious history with children abductions, and that triggered the story of Lilith to come to mind. The baby coffins, and the hole in the ground and other notable mentions just all made me think of vampires.

  15. MorethenConspiracy · · Reply

    Also the dentist chair that just makes no sense in any of this to me. Why else would you need a dentist chair then to work on teeth, and why would you need to work on teeth? Vampires.

  16. drunk in cali · · Reply

    @morethanConspiracy The dentist chairs are used in some bars /clubs to chug booze.
    I should know cause I’ve been there and done that.

    1. Remember, Epstein didn’t just have a chair — he had lights, scalpels, and all the other equipment as well. Thanks for your comment!

      1. Do they possibly extract children’s teeth to make the bodies more difficult to identify…or maybe to prevent the children from biting them whilst forcing them to carry out sex acts..dark but a possibility

      2. The common thread involving dentistry is indeed very strange and alarming. Bilana Djurivic, the artist who painted the abused children, also has a painting series involving dentistry called “The Dentist Society.”

      3. brian, the only thing it suggests to me is that I know that to purposely produce a break– that is multiple personalities– that this process is trauma based. Tor example it often involves making them eat disgusting things.. I’m thinking of MK-ultra type things. In other words some of these kidnappings would serve a dual purpose– the abuse and also the uses to which multiple personality is put. Come to think of it if children are to be used when they are old enough to remember their abusers, trauma and especially becoming a multiple, would disrupt memory.

        I can’t really imagine a use for dentistry by a nondentist except trauma (torture). Small children wd probably have no dental records. But of course you’re correct that older kids would. However the mindset of these people is such that I think they were not concerned about being caught.

        I expect that Epstein’s place was fully equipped w cameras & that the patrons knew this. Their willingness to put themselves into the power of TPTB, CIA, etc would be a confidence-builder for their superiors. In fact probably the act of putting oneself into the power of one’s superiors is a condition for advancement. Sorry this isn’t well-organized; it’s late & my mind isn’t with it.

      4. For readers unfamiliar with MKUltra, here is Wikipedia’s (probably sanitized) overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

        Thanks for your comment, Penelope.

  17. lemonnewkid · · Reply

    Laura Silsby now works for the company that creates the Amber Alert technology.

  18. The only explanation for a dentist chair for a serial pedophile is to remove all teeth for safety and more pleasure. Creepy as hell.

    1. Kris, I didn’t think of that. Horrible. I’ve often thought that a prerequisite for getting a lot of people to join the whole power cult is the deformation of the seat of pleasure. The Jewish cabala is relevant here, in encouraging an absolute obsession with fulfilling one’s every sexual sensation.

      Then, too, there is the idea that by not accepting normal moral limits that one is setting oneself into a special godlike category. Much is made of the Biblical story of Adam & Eve & God’s forbidding them to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. The “Illuminati” have made this quite central: Only they are illumined, fully rational cuz they reject morality, which according to them is not rational.

  19. […] der Welt entdeckt wird, der vor allem wegen verstörender Bilder und Kommentare Aufmerksamkeit erregt. Für die Pizzagate-Konspirologen ist schnell klar: James Alefantis spielt eine Schlüsselrolle in […]

  20. This is a good compilation of the research of #Pizzagate. I don’t want to call this research evidence, though, because nearly all of it is speculation.

    At best, this warrants a private investigation of the suspects, with emphasis on *private*. What 4chan and certain Redditors are doing is a public witch hunt, which will not only damage the case should it ever come to pressing charges and go to trial, but it damages the reputation of innocent parties who are only remotely connected. It’s a perversion of justice. In addition to law enforcement, we have a federal bureau that conducts these kinds of things, and they know how to operate without the help of “vigilant citizens” and conspiracy theorists. If your response is that these government agencies are all in on the operation as well, I can only surmise that you’re just another loony conspiracy theorist, if not a partisan with an axe to grind against the Clintons.

    If there is an underground sex trade happening (and that’s a giant IF), then a proper criminal investigation needs to proceed. Posting tenuous and outright false leads from dubious sources (most of which you have failed to cite within this article. Was it 4chan?) is not the way to properly investigate a crime. WikiLeaks has revealed their bias against Hillary already, so I wouldn’t take their Podesta leaks as proof of anything. They would be suspects in this investigation as well.

    Look, I’m not a great fan of Trump or Hillary, but there is a big difference between allegations and real evidence and testimony. It’s really easy to plant evidence on someone, or to make someone else look guilty of a crime by connecting two unrelated dots (such as a BDSM “hanky code” and an e-mail mentioning a handkerchief). It’s easy to inject codewords into someone’s hacked e-mails and then point to them as evidence. It is much more difficult to attain and examine actual proof of a crime. There is a reason for the term “burden of proof.” Matching restaurant logos with supposed “pedophile symbols” (again, you failed to cite a source for these) as proof of a child pornography ring will *not* hold up in court.

    Many of these posts can be considered public defamation, which is likely the real reason that these #Pizzagate posts are being pulled offline from Reddit, 4chan, etc: to avoid any potential legal liability. You can’t just publicly accuse people of being secret pedophiles and not expect some blowback.

    Ultimately, this feels like another operation to discredit certain politicians (and a couple of blameless artists whom the Podestas liked) in the name of justice, with a large helping of Satanic panic. So forgive me if I’m not fully on board with the #Pizzagate hysterics. Let a proper criminal investigation happen without an online brigade against these people.

    1. All that said, James Alefantis had a creepy-as-fuck Instagram feed that is pretty indefensible. If anyone is suspicious, it’s that guy.

    2. FYI, the source for the symbols is an unclassified FBI document. Thanks for pointing out there was no source for that; I have now linked to the PDF. I also go out of my way to mention several times that the findings are absolutely not enough for any kind of legal case to be proceeded, so I agree with you on that — since I mention it in the piece more than once, nothing new there. Not sure why you mention that since it’s clearly addressed in the piece. Also, the SubReddit was banned because people were posting things that contained contact info for people which is clearly against the site’s TOC, which is a no brainer.

      I cite a great many sources in the article; kindly let me know which other specifics I failed to cite and I would be thrilled to dig them up and update it. Thanks for your comment! No one blames you for not being “on board,” as this article merely summarizes the phenomenon and, though this writer thinks further research is warranted, the purpose of any opinion piece is to provide an opinion and then let the reader make their own determination — and this is an opinion blog, filled with opinion articles. In fact, the only time I used the word “proof” in the entire article is to say “Proof? Far from it.”

    3. I doubt it · · Reply

      Whenever anyone says they are a fan of or supporter of (whoever) you can bet the house they are NOT!

  21. Cecilia Petersdorf · · Reply

    Well I am a strong spirit filled jesus loving Christian 66 years old who has been sleeping most of her life.. I knew evil things like this existed but sure didnt think our world leaders were involved. I do believe Satan is alive and well and these people raise the hairs all over my body, give me queasy feelings and sick feelings.. But we must keep shedding light on darkness . the Church is no longer asleep. We will be praying. We will do our part to stay informed. We are called to protect the children and others who cannot protect themselves. EVIL will NOT prevail in our country and the corruption will be emptied out.. The evil and vileness against our children will not prevail. just wait and see. if it is true, and my spiritual eyes tell me it is… it WILL be exposed. keep up the invesstigations and we will keep praying and will act when it is time. Praying for the children now that it will come to a screeching halt. We Must protect the children. RIP Monica who apparently gave her life in Haiti for this just cause!

  22. Hmmmm… it is all good and well to point out that much of the evidence presented here would never hold up in court or possibly never be used to build a case, but the same can be said for the Westminster pedophile case in the UK. Twenty years ago there were people presenting evidence much like this research, and it was all tossed aside by those in the police and media at the time. Turnes out later, that everything that came to light in the investigation was true, and the people who were presented with the case file were actually part of the whole sordid business, and buried it to prevent further investigation! The police and media protected those sick pedos right up to their deaths without any of them ever facing a court for their crimes against children. Even Lord Jenner got off by claiming he was too old and infirm to face trial, yet continued to hold his seat in the House of Lords. To this day, both the media and the authorities who should be digging into this with gusto, are protecting these criminals, because of the high profile people they are!
    In Germany, Belgium and Norway, rumours of pedophilia and child trafficking among the political elite have also proven to be true, with some politicians facing jail time and being relieved of their jobs.
    There is much information online that points to this all being connected, it is an international pedophile ring, involving very prominent and well known individuals across the globe. Brushing it off as hearsay and conspiracy is naive!
    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…and this smoke has set off a fire alarm!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rian. Indeed, there have been well-documented cover ups in the past. Unfortunately, the horrifying scope and nature of the crimes causes many to dismiss them outright, further empowering the alleged perpetrators in cases that turned out to be true. Thanks for pointing out the precedents in the UK and elsewhere; it’s important to remember that we’ve all seen this movie before — and it turned out that massive cover-ups were instrumental in getting the cases ignored or tossed out, etc.

  23. […] erpressbar zu halten. Das klingt soweit wie eine sinnvolle Strategie, aber wenn Leute wie dieser Autor zentrale Quelle für sowas sind, dann klingt das natürlich irgendwie nach gestörtem, dümmlichen […]

  24. gfsjsfgjgshksghyk · · Reply

    The /protected/ login image has been debunked

    1. That’s great, thanks for sending! I’ll update the article with that link as a source.

  25. […] in dieser Machtposititon. Sein Instagramm-Profil erregt wegen seltsamer Bilder und Kommentare Aufmerksamkeit. Welche Rolle spielt James Alefantis im Washingtoner Pädophilenring, der in Verbindung mit der […]

  26. I’m not buying it, this is a classic case of casting an ever-widening net and cherry picking things that fit the narrative. Perhaps Tony Podesto has a perverted taste in art but I highlight doubt there’s some child sex traffic ring here.

    BTW That article from WaPo is was not scrubbed and it’s adding the misinfo by saying so

    Here is the article, page 1 – 3 of 3:

    Yet some “sluth” has added the conspiracy by archiving it here:
    and then claiming that it was scrubbed, hinting at a cover-up.

    The article is 12 years old and since it was published the WaPo website has changed platforms and they clearly archived old material. That is the exact page that is archived, 404 error in the upper left corner included (because the widget doesn’t work on the new platform).

    Speaking of scrubbing, of course the pizza owner scrubbed his Instagram of photos of grandkids and other kids when people started using them saying they were part of a child sex ring. He just said today that his granddaughter is the one with her arms taped to the table, that the photo was a cute photo snapped when the kids were goofing around, as kids do.

    And of course the pizza shop down the street changed their logo, people are getting death threats for crying out loud. They were probably shocked to learn that something a simple as a triangle within a triangle would be similar to that symbol in the FBI doc and had no choice but to change it. There was once a toy manufacture who had to recall a toy because of hysteria started by a women who was on the lookout for the heart within a heart symbol and brought it to the attention of the local news. Google it. I bet if you cast the net further and include the next street over you can find some weird satanic symbols or something in other logos just as conspiracy nuts have done for years.

    I am also concerned that you may have included weirdest pieces of Biljana Djurdjevic’s art in a way that makes it sound like it was at Tony’s house. This article here: washingtonlife.com/2015/06/05/inside-homes-private-viewing/ mentions the names of several artists featured in his home. If we look over all the pieces of work of dozens of artists that we know are featured in his home at the work of dozens of artists sure you are going to find some that have some racy pieces. Is it known these exact pieces are in his house or that he just has some of her work – she has lots of photos without children. Perhaps her pieces featuring children tied up have a story behind them, such as highlighting human rights abuses known to be an issue for Serbian children. Actually ha, I just found something to back up my theory:

    “The main theme explored by Biljana Djurdjevic in the new series of artworks is denied childhood. Exposed to the violence of images circulated by the media, children are portrayed with an extreme realism, caught in the moment in which they are unconsciously shaping a new identity.
    In these artworks, the artist shows the inner nature of the children’s personalities with a skilful attention to detail, concentrating on features such as their lost, questioning eyes or their clenched, tense hands. The scenes are depicted through an abstract environment and these settings go on to serve as a catalyst which transports the children into another realm of consciousness.

    While Biljana Djurdjevic’s earlier works reflected the expressions of violence tied to Balkan culture and drew inspiration from Socialist propaganda as well as from a variety of great artists – ranging from masters of the Italian Rinascimento and Barocco eras such as Michelangelo to more contemporary talents such as Francis Bacon – her new works show a transition in style and subject matter as well as drawing inspiration from Byzantine Icons. The images nonetheless maintain their characteristic still and stark form and the dialogue which results induces the viewer into being mesmerised into a feeling of eternal transfixion.

    War, violence and the shocking images of our times are all hardships which the protagonists of Biljana Djurdjevic’s works seem to have no direct contact with: the subjects seem to occupy a dimension which is at once unrelated and abstract from both our and their own existence. The adolescents of Biljana Djurdjevic works, their children, seem to have just awoken from a dream, caught in the passage between a hypnagogic state and reality – it remains an ambiguity: what is the real dimension, what is the oneiric one?”

    1. Yes, he has Djurdjevic pieces in his home depicting abused children. And of course they have a story behind them! A story of abused children, their consciousness being split by abuse. Most people wouldn’t love having paintings of abused children hanging in their living rooms, but sure — it’s not proof that he himself is an abuser. I also already note in the artcle that he is an avid art collector, with many works by many artists, and the piece already addresses the death threats, etc. these businesses are receiving as a potential catalyst for the changes taking place. Thanks for your note regardless, though. I have added a picture of his living room to show as much, and have edited the language referencing the WaPo article, as you’re correct that the previous wording made it look like manipulation was afoot. Thanks for your input!

      1. I haven’t read through all of the comments, but Dan’s post explores what I think is a conveniently ignored line of research for pizzagate investigators. Lots of posts of artwork have been associated with Comet Ping Pong and Tony Podesta that are indeed disturbing to view. Using Dan’s example of Biljana Djurdjevic’s work, her paintings might on a superficial level appear to be a glorification of child abuse or pornographic, or even pornographic. Most of the people pointing to her artwork as evidence seem to assume there is no other interpretation than that the work is a literal depiction of child abuse, that it is either promoting or celebrating it or that it reflects at best a callous attitude about pedophilia, and is an insight into the character of the artists or any person who might view or collect such work. The passage describing Djudjevic’s paintings that Dan shared suggest that literally illustrating children suffering pedophilia was not the artists intent. Her paintings utilize the imagery to depict the concept of denied childhood, children in exposed underwear and assuming vulnerable poses in an abstract environment is symbolic of the effect of real horrors of the world, war, poverty, suffering on children and their identity.

        Everybody understandably wants these pictures explained since of course, most of us are not adept at recognizing and deciphering imagry that artists put into their work. But it often seems to me that the investigators stop at pasting this picture or that picture, and assume that it is reasonable to label them as sick or pornographic and shifting the burden of proof to others to prove they are not. I think any one of those who post these pictures, instead of stopping at demanding an explanation, could search for the explanation themselves. Dan found some information that demystifies Djudjevic’s paintings, and once you understand the artists purpose in the imagry selected, the assumption that this is art intended to cater to sexual depravity is no longer justified. Even imagry of figures engaging in sexual acts is not automatically just pornographic. I remember one thing from a college art class (no I am not an artist, I only took the class as a required general studies course every student took) sexuality in art is often used as symbolic of the creative force, and often the figures are not literal humans but symbolic of mythological concepts. I wonder if there couldn’t be more attempts to contact the artist or to find reviews and critiques of the artists works. I’ll bet in most cases, the purpose of the artist is a lot less sinister than assumed.

        Also, I wish there were better documentation of what artwork was actually displayed at Comet Ping Pong and what are just other works of the artists.

        Overall, I do want to thank you for the tone and measured, reasonable approach you have taken with this article. Particularly, I want to thank you for taking pains to recognize that the case for Pizzagate is hardly proof. I personally am inclined to believe that the case is built upon logical fallacies of confirmation bias and clustering illusion. I don’t deny that pedophilia exists and that some elites in society engage in it. However, I am extremely skeptical that the Clintons and Podesta are operating some child trafficking network or that Comet Ping Pong is somehow a hub of a child sex trafficking ring whether the Clintons or Podesta are involved or not. While I acknowledge pedophilia is a real phenomenon, McCarthyism whether its communism or sexual depravity as the culprit, is also an extremely destructive phenomenon that hurts a lot of innocent people.

      2. Thanks for your comment. A few notes — I think it’s important to note that you’re falling into the common misconception that Pizzagate is accusing Clinton/Podesta of operating a child trafficking network. This isn’t true. Just as in the UK’s VIP pedophilia scandals, involvement doesn’t equate to leadership, if there is leadership of these networks at all. You also focus a great deal on the art, which is understandable, since it is pushed front and center as part of the “evidence,” but this is merely because the research had to start somewhere, and in that circumstance it starts with the most immediate material. Art, and artists, should be able to convey any range of ideas. This is essential to a free society where expression, myth, thought, symbolism, and fantasy, even (or perhaps especially) in their darkest forms, should never be considered crimes. However, the overall argument is merely that the art adds to a larger picture of an abundance of smoke indicating the possibility of fire.

        I will be releasing a new Pizzagate article on further developments that will contain some strange revelations that have nothing to do with strange or macabre tastes, which indeed are not crimes and should not, by themselves, be considered evidence of one. My hope is that after releasing it, folks that share your opinion will not focus so much on the idea of Pizzagate being based disproportionately and unfairly on “thought crimes” derived from the discovery of the strange or potentially disturbing-seeming artwork, and start to see that there is indeed bona fide evidence of a situation going on that, even if none of the disturbing artwork were taken into account at all, most definitely seem to indicate something illegal.

        Thanks again for your comment, and regardless of your conclusion as my coverage continues, I do hope you stay tuned for our next piece outlining some of the strange new discoveries!

      3. Do you remember the personal friend of the Clintons who was caught exiting Haiti w several dozen children? She was told by Haitian police that if she were to try again to spirit children out of Haiti that she would be arrested. She subsequently was detained w 35 “orphans” which she was spiriting out of the country in order to care for them, she said. Trouble was that all the children had parents, She had told them the children were going to a resort where the parents could come & visit them.

        Doubtless when the Clintons personally intervened to spring her from jail it was because they dislike child theft. (sarcasm) For what purpose do you imagine they were being kidnapped?

        What the citizen investigators of Pizzagate want is a real and professional investigation to be made. Obviously, w the degree of impunity which exists in our country that is unlikely– but still desirable.

        For what purpose did B Clinton visit J Epstein’s Orgy Island 11 times? He was a convicted sex offender, who was nevertheless a good friend of the Clintons. For what purpose did Epstein, who is not a dentist, have a dental chair and all the paraphernalia for extractions? One is generally safe from being bitten by willing partners– or even by adults who are being coerced. But children? What part of the body of a violator is being protected? And the Clintons were FRIENDS of this creep!

  27. Thank you for this information. What y’all are doing is awesome and if true, May save so many innocent lives. It’s disturbing to say the least to think of what the implications are. It seems to me if the children can be identified, this would be the catalyst for a criminal investigation. I wonder if wikileaks found pictures? Has anyone matched facial photos with NCMEC?


  29. https://www.facebook.com/harms2end/ That’s a Facebook page where a (virtuous) pedophile comes out in the open and, using the vehicle of poetry and its symbols, talks about what it means to be a pedophile in today’s society, where pedophilia comes from, and how to heal if you are one or have be abused by one. This link has been sent to many major mainstream news sites as well as alternative ones, all over the place, yet it’s just ignored. Instead, people, like you and your followers perhaps, like the vile, the grotesque, the speculative, and I have to wonder if that disgust is, flipped, some kind of attraction. What to see the real world? Hopefully you’ll feel it too.

    1. Not sure what exactly you’re accusing me of. This is about hardcore systemic abuse, not a pedohpile tortured by his or her urges. Thanks for your input, though, that page sounds enlightening.

    2. Also important to note that preference and fantasy are not crimes, but as soon as a pedophile victimizes someone, a clinical diagnosis does not exclude them from paying the legal price. Just as a clinical psychopath would be held accountable for fraud, assault, murder, or any other crime — even those rooted in their disorder — a pedophile who enacts their fantasies on real people cannot be given a pass merely because they are tortured sufferers of a psychological issue. I understand that many pedophiles were themselves abused as children, just as many psychopaths were either abused or neglected as youngsters, but all sane adults must be held responsible if others. Time may tell whether or not that’s what we have in the #Pizzagate affair.

      1. I have only now seen your replies, hence my late one. My original comment was not an accusation. it was more in response to some of the comments. On a page that sounds off about reality being what we are told it is, as if to say reality is different than what’s generally believed, in this article and in your reply to me you are speaking from reality as we have been told reality is, that we are separate individuals connected only by outer contact, and some people are good, or are at least better, and some are bad, and to deal with the bad people we must root them out and hold them accountable, which is to punish them in some form, a revenge the state takes in the name of the victim. Here you are much like mainstream news media, which acts like an arm of the police, exposing bad people so the cops can get them. You aren’t seeing outside the system.

        I would bet, however, you don’t much think such exposing and punishing actually stops the bad behavior in society, doesn’t even generally stop the ones caught unless they’re locked up for life or killed. It’s just the way we do it isn’t it, have always done it. It’s not only we punish people who harm and kill, we hate them too, see them as not us, see them as something to rid ourselves of, not as someone to help and bring back to us, or back to the place they see us enough not to hurt us because they see themselves not only as individuals but also as us, a place we are not in ourselves, wanting to hurt them.

        I encounter this all over alternative media, making bold statements about how different reality is from what we’ve been told but projecting the same reality we are told about, an experience of reality where the outer world is the almost exclusive focus, where several hours of experience of each day is a virtual blank, where there is no shared identity in the depths of us, where we are separate from everything else and everything is separate from us, living as it’s believed we do in our own private bubble of consciousness that goes no further than our personal boundaries, does not mix and mingle with the consciousness of others, what adds up to a perpetual state of conflict between us and them, we the good or right people, they the bad or wrong ones, that fundamental division so characteristic of humanity. You employ it here in the article for example.

        It’s the animal way of confronting reality, or really, animal reality that does not see the larger field, only its feeding range, like a horse that would know its pasture but not that it sits in a world or that world is traveling through space. I imagine it’s popped into your head a few times there must be more we’re not seeing. You probably also feel we can make a better society than we have, and to do that it would have to be something more realistic than everyone just suddenly deciding to be good. it would take a change of consciousness like unto the one we experienced when we stepped enough out of the animal to see ourselves differently than them, unless you believe everything was just created at once as is, which would be a change towards a more holistic view of ourselves where it just might happen that bad people might decide to be good, using the distinctions common in our current reality construct. Bad people tend to get better when they’re loved. When they’re hated they tend to get worse.

    3. To be honest, I’m having a difficult understanding your thesis here. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions/claims about how I and other writers on this site view the world and the human race, but I am not sure exactly what they are. Anyway, thanks for your contribution.

      1. I think it’s reasonable to assume of you (and this site in general) are a person of integrity, and you do not make wild speculations but base your investigations on reason and not emotion, as the most recent article on this site about Pizzagate, but it amounts to something else the public has to be afraid of, a public that isn’t generally ruled by reason but by emotions. You reasonably demonstrate where you point out the what appears to be efforts by the mainstream press to cover it up, citing examples where that has been done in the past about other things.

        In your reply, however, you use common terms we use when we want someone to feel they have used wrong argument technique, i.e. assumption/claim, without addressing my argument, and you simply say you don’t understand me, and the suggestion is there however slight that I’m just not making sense. Then you more or less make it clear the dialogue is over.

        You do not come from a holistic perspective. In that view, crimes that individuals comment is the surfacing of hidden unconscious process, like a secret poisonous river, taking place in the inner of a community or humanity in general. The criminal, due to nature and/or nurture, is a weak link in the chain, who manifests that hidden underground process. They become the scapegoat for the whole thing, who we focus on so as not to see the process in us. To only focus on them as if they are the whole problem, holding them accountable as you say, is like cutting off a head a hydra; more heads just keep growing back.

        Your view, which is the current view of human reality in relation to crime, is to cut off the individual heads, and what you mean by holding someone accountable is to punish them for their crimes, harm them because they’ve caused harm, and you seem to believe the revenge taken on the part of the victim by the state or powers that be heals the victim or at least helps them heal. I don’t think I’m wrong to assume these things of you, though you would not use the word revenge or harm I’d imagine.

        In a holistic view, the criminal is to be healed not harmed, not held accountable for their actions in the sense of they’re to be punished, but they are responsible for their actions, a responsibility that includes healing the victim.

        In a society based on holism the impossibility I seem to be speaking would be possible. To base us on a view of the whole would also mean every moment of our experience has meaning and importance, and so the largely unconscious hours we spend in sleep, where the hidden processes show themselves, would be as meaningful to our life as outer experience in not even more so, speaking of things we might discover about ourselves becoming conscious of that experience.

        A holistic perspective also makes it an aim to become conscious of higher or more integral human experience, i.e. what’s been experienced by many people over our history and called by many names, but I might just call it here enlightenment to give some sense there is more to us in experiencing identity than the separate ego. I can continue with other things, but you may now understand what I’m saying.

        In regards to pedophilia, I’m including a link to an article of mine that show the roots of the sexual disorder, as well as roots of others, and I’m also including a link to an example of a cover up that if it’s true would help us understand human evil in a whole other light. It might even be that in Pizzagate something of this is present, not that Pizzagate in itself as it’s being presented is real, but it hits close enough to something else as to be giving off all theses warning signs.



      2. You must understand, though, I can’t reply to or really address an argument that I don’t understand. It’s not a cop out, it’s an impossibility. I’m still finding your argument a little unclear, but I think I acutally more or less agree with your conclusions on the roots of criminality, but I don’t believe they can be cured if they don’t want to be. They’re working under the whims of the same non-holistic assessments and reactions to reality, and healing has to be a willful and conscious process.

        I have to say, random commenters on the Internet implying that their experience or persepctive has allowed them to become spiritually enlightened (even just compared to most people) generally turns people off, as it’s just not an easy sell, even if there are great ideas being shared. I most definitely believe that the ego is little more than a tool to help our physical selves make sense of this physical world, and that our true selves exist completely beyond the physical and the “me” that we are trained to see as the be-all, end-all. I just don’t see that belief healing pedophilia or other forms of antisocial criminality. I do appreciate your clarifications, input, and links!

      3. There are more ways of continuing a discussion other than a comment section, where ideas can be made more clear, like the willingness of who’s considered a criminal to undergo a holistic and integral healing process that includes healing the victim.

        I’ll mention here that there would be many who want healing, and it would certainly help those who don’t want healing, who only want to harm or kill, to get goodwill from their community as opposed to ill will. If we were to become aware of our inner process, what Jung calls our collective subconscious and what I call our underlying shared identity, we might find that underground river of ill will to be more a determinant in crime than even the individual’s own will to commit crime.

        If people only get ill will in their inner from their community and world, that’s more will to harm and kill, certainly not less. From what I see of news media, alternative as well as mainstream, if they don’t always have a attitude of ill will towards criminals, they sure don’t have goodwill.

        As to the not yet generally or scientifically accepted egoless state of enlightenment, what’s also called unitive consciousness as well as the opposite, emptiness, I didn’t say or claim to be there (I’m not, but I’ve seen it a couple of times). I mentioned it as a higher mode of the organization of our awareness than ego, one that if we we accepted as real, we’d, or the many of us, would begin to reach for it because it’s the thing to do like to survive and thrive well is now.

        It would be in the atmosphere of such a shift of human identity that the healing I’m speaking of would not only be much easier but the norm.

        In my own healing, it’s not a belief in it but a concrete reality I experience every single day and night. it comes from within and without, in the inner as very brief experiences out of ego, inner voice and vision, and dreams. On the outer it’s the organization of circumstance itself, as if they conscious healing power in the inner were also arranging the outer too. It’s to see and here these things that it becomes not a belief but an everyday lived reality. In that knowledge, which not only informs your will but unites with it, your nature can change enough to harmonize with and no longer harm your community and world.

        Only knowledge can do that, not belief, though faith in the process is vital too, since, in today’s world, if you are say a pedophile, then the amount of ill will you’re getting is so much it’s almost as much of an obstacle on your will to harm than your own, something you have to overcome constantly, hence I’m speaking openly about it.

        The very sleeve of faith built in all, that’s what I’m discussing.

      4. I would add that, to make it clear, I’m speaking about the aim of life most often put before us being the betterment of humanity and not survival, which we’ve abstracted to mean making money or getting a powerful position to live comfortably. That betterment is a further evolution of human identity, towards our true selves that exist beyond the physical and “me”. Paradoxically, we won’t survive as a species unless make such a change.

        I’ll also add, unless my stats on two different blogs are not recording it, you haven’t gone to those links. I’ll say too that I really appreciate your not only taking the time to reply and being so civil, but also your open-mindedness and your own obvious ‘seeing’ deeper. If the above article included that, was based on that sight more than on the surface of reality, the heads of the hydra, it wouldn’t be just another call, however unintended, to cut off the its heads, leaving the hydra relatively unaffected.

  30. Great summary.
    You said of the Podestas- “Their friendship with Freud, however, is well-established.”
    Where is the evidence of this? I have read this elsewhere but seen no proof.

    1. I’ll look for the source, thanks!

      1. This is a crucial fact that requires a source. It’s one of the more wild, bizarre connections.
        + If you could establish proof of a Freud Podesta friendship it is a HUGE circumstantial fact.
        + Find out where the Podestas were on May 3, 2007. If they happened to be in Portugal you have the most bizarre fact of the case. Possibly a smoking gun.
        (I cannot find this information anywhere. It seems knowable.)

      2. Thanks for your input, I’ll look for the source. I avoided getting into the other potential McCann connections for a number of reasons, among them lack of verification and the far-fetched-ness of the Podesta brothers being “boots on the ground” for actual abductions, which seems like an incredible and unnecessary risk even if the overall allegations turn out true.

      3. Totally understand that. It’s too terrible, and almost too ridiculous to be believed. The Podesta Wikileaks start May 4, 2007. That in itself lends it self to more speculation. I agree that simply linking the Podestas to another known pedophile is pretty strong in its own right.

      4. Yes, and although I’m not inclined to reject something just because it seems absurd on its face, it does seem odd that the Podesta brothers would be so reckless as to commit abductions themselves. However, arrogance/believing you are above the law can make think they can get away with remarkable things. Either way, if more of substance is discovered along those lines you can count on it being included in a follow-up.

      5. I’d recommend rewording or nixing the part about “well established friendship of Freud and Podesta” if it can’t be substantiated. I did a lot of checking on your article and that’s the biggest claim I couldn’t find a decent source for. I’m just asking, because I’m sharing this around a lot as I think it’s the definitive summary for Pizzagate and I want it to be as bulletproof as possible.

      6. Thanks so much for your comment, and for sharing the piece! I looked for the source I had used for that claim and was unable to find it, so I have removed that part from the article until I can find the source again or until new information comes out. The crowdsourced fact-checkers have helped make this piece as fact-based (vs speculation based) as it is, so thanks again for helping (and for your characterization of it as the “definitive summary”). I’m honored. Far too many claims from “anonymous sources” or no real source at all are being reported as fact, and then are then re-reported on a hundred other blogs and websites, despite the original source being shaky, unreliable, or non-existent, which is exactly what kills topics like this from being taken seriously.

        Fact and fiction, fact and speculation become so muddled so quickly that folks have no choice but to assume it’s all bunk, and I don’t blame them. Thanks again!

  31. While Majestic Ape is creepy, her(?) comments about “Jerry” are in reference to Jared Fogle the Subway spokesman who was arrested on charges of having sex with underage girls. The location of the event is stated to be beneath a Subway sandwich shop. It was a tasteless joke about current news. The audience members yelling out “and boys/children” were just trying to beat her to the punchline.

    1. Not clear why she would say “Jerry” instead of Jared, but thanks for your comment!

    2. How would you know this??

  32. Pizzagate · · Reply

    What are the accounts on Tumblr that are posting images of children in distress? I have done research for myself, stemming from Rachel’s Tumblr, and have yet to find anything like this.

    I’m particularly interested in the dental ones. I see you (or various people) have made the connection between Epstein’s dental equipment and this type of “fetish”, for lack of a better word. On Comet Ping Pong’s Facebook, there is a poster that I think references this:


    If we can figure out what this means, it might bring us somewhere.

    1. You have to view her account on a mobile device to see the accounts she shares and is shared by.

      1. Yes, I have done this, but I have looked through a multitude of accounts on her post activity and at best I’ll find some mild homosexuality or BDSM. Not strange at all really. Nobody knows what accounts were posting the images listed in the article? Or the potential significance of teeth? There has to be something here if the Tumblr connection is true.

      2. I’ll do some digging — the accounts were known, I should have linked to the one I used. I didn’t explore many of them because the content was too disturbing. Thanks for your question; I’ll look for the account list that was compiled.

      3. Thank you, that will be helpful. I think, if anything, this dental concept might provide some additional insight.

        In relation to the Comet Ping Pong poster I’ve linked above, it seems the artist was inspired by a comic called Paper Girls. Paper Girls has mentions of Satan in the summary, although I would have to dig into the story more to say it has actual significance. Also, this is confirmed on the artist’s Instagram @sophiemcteardesign. Therefore, the artwork itself doesn’t seem too suspicious, but like many of the bands that attend CPP, there still may be some hidden meaning behind the concept.

        It should also be worth noting that a lot of the occult-type artwork Sophie designs for CPP is strangely left out of her Instagram portfolio. And yet there is an undeniably symbolic and occult-esque nature to many, many of the designs posted on the CPP Facebook? Why leave these out, all except a rare few? They are not bad designs by any means.

        In all fairness, I am not extremely familiar with every aspect of progress in this investigation, yet I really hope some potentially prominent people are being researched or contacted, such as Sophie, and the same goes for Sasha Lord (booker for CPP who brings all these abusurd bands to a kid-friendly environment). These people might have important info in regards to some of the strangest observations.

      4. Disregard the speculation about Sophie. It seems I’ve answered my own question, assuming maybe there was another designer. And there is one: Jourdan Betette AKA Magickbat. She does a good majority of the occult artwork.

        As a designer myself, I understand it’s appropriate for her to create designs for the right audience. Despite being an incredible artist, her exposure as a designer is almost nonexistent and her work entirely focuses on this type of Satanic symbolism (if that wasn’t obvious according to her alias). So now my new question is, why would Comet Ping Pong hire someone like her? I highly doubt they just think her work is cool. Perhaps she can provide some insight as to why she feels this type of artwork and the bands that play at CPP are reaching the right audience.

  33. I think it’s worth noting that some of Biljana Djurdjevic’s paintings have dental chairs and some of them are named the “Dentist Society.” I just saw the pics below on your site with the children with bloody teeth. Apparently human teeth are used in occult magic as well. Go figure. I have provided the links below. Cheers and keep up the good work!

    [Her paintings]

    Original: http://www.biljanadjurdjevic.com/Drawings.html

    Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20150710123841/http://www.biljanadjurdjevic.com/Drawings.html

    [His island with a dentist chair]

    Original: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3688656/A-fully-equipped-dentist-s-chair-close-photos-young-girls-backsides-eerie-images-videotaped-walk-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Florida-mansion.html

    Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20161109023007/http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3688656/A-fully-equipped-dentist-s-chair-close-photos-young-girls-backsides-eerie-images-videotaped-walk-billionaire-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Florida-mansion.html

    Could just be a coincidence, and I can imagine him having dentist work done at home. But just look at her paintings and the titles. The “Barber Shop” one is also very creepy. Has anyone seen anything related to this on instagram posts? Any photos of chairs that could be used for torture or god knows what?

    I doubt this is a lead, but better to have too much information than not enough. Maybe we can find some links with dental equipment manufacturers in the same way that pizza parlors have been linked?

    (If this has already been posted, I apologize and I’ll delete this. Thanks.)

  34. Geno Brandenburg · · Reply

    We all know that nothing will come of this. No one will be charged and no one will face a jury of their peers. The one thing that I find comfort in keeps coming to mind, “Vengeance is mine” sayeth the Lord.

  35. Pizzagate · · Reply

    I have created an in-depth analysis of Comet Ping Pong’s artwork using some information from this post:


    Nothing ground-breaking, but should be helpful to anyone new to Pizzagate.

  36. Thank you for your research. Perhaps a shit lode of performance art? Certainly Podesta is and admirer of Vladisov Kurkov. Dark Chambers of horror? Muddlesome muggles? Holy Slap Chick….what if it is true? Ahhh…. the Hiatus…suspend belief….be in that gray area. There is a side show (Do I hear a Trumpeting or a Tweeting?) We need to focus on human rights….Our neighbors in Yemen, Aleppo, Standing Rock, and the for-profit immigration prisons in Arizona. But Hey…this is all very scintillating.

  37. […] story, Pizzagate. If you have not heard of this ritualistic pedophile ring, I urge you to read this . It is a lengthy, but unbiased chronological compilation of the many facets of Pizzagate. What is […]

  38. I’m really intrigued by your research. Initially when I caught wind of the #pizzagate scandal (and “spirit cooking by extension) I brushed it off as some sort of right-wing mass hysteria. I’ve covered the topic of Satanic Panic a lot in my own writing and exposed a lot of the media sensationalism behind it. Reading through the emails myself it’s clear that in some instances they are definitely discussing food, while in other instances it seems as if they are using some sort of code in their discussion. Does it imply pedophilia? Not necessarily. I think there are plenty of good reasons for people to want to use code words, especially people in the political arena, but when you examine that combined with all this other circumstantial evidence it is certainly something that makes you go “hmm… maybe there is something to this?”

    Unfortunately, my problem is that when I search for this topic it leads me in circles to these known conspiracy theorists. It doesn’t make the accusations wrong, but it certainly makes me question the credibility of the information presented. I like that you were able to offer a summary of the facts (or the closest you can get to facts here) and what evidence exists to support these claims.

    I look forward to reading your updates as this case evolves.

    1. Thank you Heather. Unfotunately a lot of topics don’t get the time of day because they’re only covered by sensationalistic “conspiracy websites” which people have rejected categorically as pushers of paranoid nonsense, even when those topics have at least partial truth to them. As a result, they’re ignored or shoveled into the “tinfoil hattery” pile by default, without further investigation, even when aspects are well-worth looking into deeper. Alex Jones’ websites are probably the biggest example of this sort of thing.

      I’m thrilled to be able to provide more balanced coverage and look forward to continuing to do so.

  39. Rigorously Institutionalized · · Reply

    Cool, I’m a shill. I’ve always wanted to be a shill. Hopefully the pay is good. Still haven’t seen anything that would hold up in a court of law. I’m sure Twitter & Google love it though. Every post about pizzagate makes them wealthier & wealthier. From their perspective it’s irrelevant whether it’s true or not, they keep getting free content for more advertiser’s dollars. One does have to love the hypocrisy of Internet sleuths who live on computers & smartphones built by slave labor from raw materials taken from mines that are controlled by gangs that use rape as a tool of terror. We’re all pretty much compromised these days.
    I think one could make a pretty damn good case that the rampant spread of kiddie porn is a direct result of the Internet & 21st century computer/smartphone addiction. A while back the FBI released a map of the US with a little red dot signifying every computer in America that they knew had downloaded kiddie porn. The entire map was red. Evidently rich & poor alike have a decidedly unnatural predilection for little kids. Also, given the fact that authorities just busted a pedo ring in Norway & one inside the British soccer league I’d say pizzagate, if true, is one little pebble in a sea of human fuckness. When you get down to it, males, as a rule, aren’t very picky about where they’ll stick their penises. They’ll fuck anything from a dead deer to a toddler to a damn corpse. While 4chan’s motivations are quite obviously political, in the end, proving pizzagate’s truth will literally do nothing unless the underlying sexual sickness that pervades our society is addressed.
    Considering 4Chan’s group predilection for disturbing pornographic imagery, I doubt that they’ll be at the forefront of that debate.
    I do wonder, given the fact that the humans who crow loudest about a perversion are usually neck deep in that perversion (ie hard core gay bashing Christian Republicans who turn out to be closeted gays) one does have to wonder what a good hack into these self styled sleuth’s computers would uncover.

    1. I understand your feeling defensive at being called a shill by other commenters (a characterization I do not endorse,) but wow — you’ve just crafted the most shockingly cynical statements I’ve ever read. If you honestly believe that normal/average men are fine, morally or otherwise, with “sticking their penises” into children, much less human and animal CORPSES, just to satisfy some kind of basic primal sexual urge, that’s a shocking generalization to make about an entire gender making up roughly half the world’s population. If you truly feel that way, that represents a highly dark and disturbing worldview and life must be extremely difficult and upsetting for you. I hope you find more balance in your perspective with time.

    2. Lauren Bierle · · Reply

      Re: “When you get down to it, males, as a rule, aren’t very picky about where they’ll stick their penises. They’ll fuck anything from a dead deer to a toddler to a damn corpse.” …..no mention of just how perverse women can be?

      Also, it’s outrageously unfair to generalize about men in that way. I’m furious on the behalf of the MANY gentle, nurturing men I’ve known in my life who would defend the defenseless at any cost.

  40. You mention pedophilia rings in your article, but there are more. Norway, recently, Belgium, quite prominently, as well as cover ups at the BBC, the Vatican, Penn State, etc. You might want to include a more comprehensive examination of all of these cases to see what they have in common and do not have in common. Code words? Psychologically, is the communal aspect part of the sexual gratification or just necessary to get what they want? Do these cases shed light on the frame of mind of the participants? And the NYT piece needs more careful deconstruction. The NYT only focuses on the site itself and emphasizes Hillary herself, strawmen, as the theory doesn’t revolve around the site of the pizza join itself but starts from Wikileaks and the odd comments. I also am horrified that the staff of the pizza place and ovners are being harassed. There is no proof. The internet should not be a tool for mob justice. Leave people alone. Table outrage absent proof: there is no other ethical choice. I would hope you would make this point clearly sort of up front — you do a great job of hedging and explaining the extent or lack there of of the evidence — but a clear statement against harassment can’t hurt in my opinion. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I most certainly condemn the harrassment personally and mention that it is unfortunate, but could go deeper in my condemnation to make the point extra clear. Part of the problem is there are so damn many examples of pedophilia rings being uncovered, and often subsequently covered up, that listing and discussing them all is would entail a whole ‘nother long-form article.

  41. Rigorously Institutionalized · · Reply

    I’m not condemning you or even looking to you for in depth coverage of pedophilia. I’m not even insulted by the “shill” comment. It’s par for the course once a narrative is agreed upon. And it really doesn’t take much digging through the stuff that’s out there to see that a narrative has been agreed upon. Even though the evidence is, at best, flimsy. Without one victim to be found anywhere except in their fevered imaginations, people believe it’s true. Belief will trump facts every single time. Now, anyone who dissents will be a “shill,” and should anyone deeply embedded in the mob of “researchers” happen to find anything that contradicts the agreed upon narrative, I’d bet the farm they will not publish it for fear of exile & accusations of shilldom.
    Actually I only came back here to see if there were any more pizzagate Cliff Notes so I wouldn’t have to wind my way through those long turgid threads of mostly nonsense.
    Since I am, like everyone else on the Internut, a bloviating wind bag who will prattle on endlessly at the drop of a hat, i commented. Don’t take it too seriously pal. Peace.

  42. Rigorously Institutionalized · · Reply

    You think I’m cynical? Really? Then you must be awfully naive bud.
    Here’s a 4Chan “devotee” busted for planning a mass shooting. While investigating that bit of sane male bonding, the authorities discovered kiddie porn images downloaded from…cue spooky music…4Chan.
    & here’s 63 pages of news articles, peppered with some commentary, that deal with men who are morally fine with sticking their penises in little kids.
    Also, I really have no idea what you mean by “normal/average.” Normal is generally a term that has very little meaning outside of one’s own head. Ask 50 people their definition of “normal” & I’d bet that you’d get 50 different answers. Average has little meaning outside of mathematics. When used outside of mathematics, it’s a term, much like normal, that has little meaning outside of one’s own head.

    1. I could dig up 63 pages’ worth of news articles about men doing selfless, altruistic, and wonderful things. If you honestly think those articles represent normalcy, mathematical or not, again — I feel truly sorry for you. And if you read my article, you’ll see that the entire discovery is partially based on 4Chan’s depraved history, so I’m not sure what you believe you’re proving here. Anyway, this isn’t a place for absurd and off-topic debates on whether or not men are a race of drooling, animalistic rapists and necrophiliacs. Further comments along those lines will be considered off-topic, unhelpful, and hostile, and will not approved for publication.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I took a look and it seems like that “book” was just published November 22nd of this year, after Pizzagate broke, suggesting that a troll or some kind of disinfo agent created it in the hopes of injecting false information into the discussion to help discredit it. If it were published years ago, I think it would be more worth looking into. Thanks again for sharing though Erin!

    2. On the other link, I believe there is something to the Hawaii/”Fred Flintstone”/Bif Skipman/”Grand Poobah” connection, but for the purposes of my high-level summary I thought it would over-complicate things too much and was a bit muddled to get into. I may include it in a follow-up if it seems appropriate. Thanks for sharing.

  43. […] any sense unless the words they contained were some sort of code. Blogger Ace of Swords claims that the codewords used are “very well-established early internet and dark web codewords for child porn, […]

  44. Alefantes told news outlets (I think NYT, BBC, NPR, Fox…one of those?) that he doesn’t have a basement. Here’s a Metroweekly feature on him from 2015 where he mentions that he does have a basement http://www.metroweekly.com/2015/04/from-scratch-james-alefantis/

  45. Thanks for sharing — I include that factoid in my piece regarding article claiming to debunk Pizzagate, but it would fit well in the summary as well, so I’ll add it there.

  46. Great article, good info….nothing to prosecute, guaranteed with hi-price esquires, would be a waste of time…….however, this is nothing new…this has been going on in DC for years and years…..it is more in-your-face now than ever before because of PC and all the hulaballoo about discrimination. I was told by someone in gov’t in DC, that this is common practice and wide open……this person I talked to is a Doctor and knows DC well….I was shocked….that was 15 years ago….and then this #Pizzagate thing popped up and I said, well, I guess they were right about DC……I believe you have barely touched the surface and you may never know fully…….what really is going on with the pedophiles in DC……and never will, they are hiding in plain view…

  47. […] any sense unless the words they contained were some sort of code. Blogger Ace of Swords claims that the codewords used are “very well-established early internet and dark web codewords for child porn, […]

  48. Thank you for your work. Good work and I look forward to more. There is so much evidence if you look at the world and the convictions of people with ties to politics, Hollywood, religion, etc that we already know about. Where there is smoke there is fire indeed. I hope more emails come out and I hope more concerned people of the world research on their own and join together to compile more information and I hope they do not cease until every rat bastard scum bag is put away or off this planet.

  49. You say it’s Surprising that the pizza owner is on the list of 50 most influential people in DC, but there is another restaurant owner on the list, also a baseball player and a party planner. So its not only politcal leaders on the list.

    1. I wouldn’t expect it to only be political leaders, but I find those other entries odd as well.

  50. I would be interested in hearing from the Podesta brothers.

    Maybe they could shine some light on this situation.

    I read in her obituary that their Mother Mary adopted 25 children.

    I would love to hear updates on how the men and women adopted by the Podesta family are doing.

    Did they marry, go to school, or raise a family?

    Or were these children tortured, sodomized, sacrificed, and eaten?

    And their internal organs then sold to the highest bidder?

    I really am interested to know.

    Jenny Hatch


  51. […] When you add in the context of Bill and Hillary’s numerous visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Island”; the Wikileaks revelations of John Podesta’s penchant for fringe, ritualistic, occult, ‘performance art’; Podesta’s pizza-map-handkerchief (with associated color codes); a cryptic email about a single slice of pizza, etc., the spectre of Pizzagate cannot be written off simply as conspiracy theory nonsense. (More excruciating details about Comet Ping Pong, one of the other Pizzagate pizzerias, next door to Besta Pizza, can be found here.) […]

  52. […] such blogger, operating under the moniker “Ace of Swords,” has been able to compile one of the most compelling summaries on the scandal that I’ve […]

  53. […] such blogger, operating under the moniker “Ace of Swords,” has been able to compile one of the most compelling summaries on the scandal that […]

  54. Penelope · · Reply

    These are horrible people, but I understand what looks innocent to me here: Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

    Do you think I will play better dominos if I eat cheese instead of pasta?

    It’s just very informal. Do you think I’ll do better on cheese than on pasta?

    1. That’s one theory. I don’t really see how it makes any sense that one’s ability at dominoes would be affected by their dinner choice, even in a very informal way of discussing it. But thanks for your comment, it’s important to stay thoughtful.

  55. Ryan Thomas · · Reply

    I live mostly away from the mainstream, and have heard almost no details about Pizzagate before today. I was quickly referred to your page, to inform myself. I am not an enthusiastic performer of public debate. Anyway, after reading your page, I looked at Comet Ping Pong’s page on Wikipedia, and read about the owner’s conflicts with a gentleman from the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) by the name of Frank Winstead. Nothing of significance, noise complaints and putting ping pong tables too close to the street. but then I googled Frank Winstead, and was led to an article where several years ago he accused Alefantis of “lying, cheating, stealing, spitting in a customers food, and encouraging both murderers and rapists.” This is directly from Washington City Paper. “Murders and rapists.” It seems to be understood, probably correctly, that Winstead was angry, emotional, exagerating to the point of bizarre accusations…. So I found this quote from Googling around within ten minutes of never even having read anything about Pizzagate. Perhaps Winstead’s rant should have been included in your post, since you seem to be the most respected authority on the subject of this matter. Thank you for putting the time into what you have done here. I don’t usually dig deep into things like this, and would go crazy if I put in the effort you did, for my own curiosity and of course, it is important what you have done, without question, as so many people are interested in the topic. so once again, thanks.

    1. You’re very welcome, thanks so much for your comment. I considered including the Frank Winstead quotes, as they were certainly interesting. However, I felt they were too easy to discount as hyperbole based on his frustration, particularly since he is rather vague about how he concluded that Alefantis spits in food. His “murderers and rapists” comment, to me, also seemed to be in the context of having children out in the street using the al fresco ping pong tables unsupervised in an urban setting with potential for crime, although it is certainly more interesting given the nature of more recent info being uncovered.

      And he was was so ridiculed by his peers, (whether correctly or not), that they might distract from more of the immediate information coming out.

      But thanks for sharing, I definitely considered including him in the piece, and it may be helpful for folks to know that part of the history.

  56. […] Pizzagate, Clinton, Podesta, What is it and is it credible? […]

  57. Michael the Unborn · · Reply

    Hi there,

    Great post – as you yourself have said, it’s a work in progress to establish actual facts, or at least very strong circumstantial evidence which links together in a strong enough manner so as to warrant further investigation.

    Which brings me to a thought regarding the investiation of these matters by ‘the authorities’. I think it’s well understood in the world of criminal justice that a good proprtion of the ‘higher-ups’ are in the pocket of persons or entities (corporate, not vampiric… although…?) which are, as one progresses higher & higher, all in each other’s pockets vis kickbacks & blackmail, or wish fulfilment, or by combinations of such. If a group of persons who are involved in that world (law enforcement, espionage, justice), who are men & women of good standing, with solid ethics, who despise the evil which lurks beneath, could possibly get together in the pursuit of a take-down of evil satanic abusers, with such good Samaritans being (crucially) of sufficient joint authority to issue actions which can have an impact on the world stage, then what could we expect?

    We could perhaps expect a strong symbolic message to the world, a message which invites the attention of citizen enquirers due to its huge significance – and the ‘coincidence’ factor which almost beggars belief, and in fact invites incredulity, puzzlement, and even disbelief in the time soon after its appearance. Bearing in mind that anyone who has investigated any of the details of the occult world within which such darkness as #PizzaGate can be found (as a manifestation of the ‘death cult/ sytemic & ritual/ mind-control abusers’ faction, sadly lodged permanently in the homes & enterprises of many of the elite – by which token I intend to include both they & their servile underlings) – any investigation of such will reveal that SYMBOLS are their currency. I don’t claim to be an expert in ‘symbology’, but I think a pretty good symbol to fix the attention of citizen (& law enforcement/ espionage/ justice) investigators the world over, would be one that is unmistakably relevant to an unfolding investigation which pertains to the horrors of the network apparently behind #PizzaGate.

    I refer to the Metropolitan Police of the UK releasing the identi-fit images of Tony & John Podesta as being among the perpetrators of the abduction of Madeline McCann. As it appears, from reading into the circumstances admirably expressed in the original blog post & subsequent comments on this page: any Wikileaks-prompted investigation of the Clintons, which thereafter leads to the matter of Podesta’s emails, which leads to the terrors of #PizzaGate – could well eventually end up stirring up such upheaval in the hidden world which exists behind the political soundbytes & media glamour (being linked as it is to various levels of law enforcement/ espionage/ justice) – that people & networks of good men & women, might be themselves stirred to action of a wholly positive nature, though they might have to link with other networks, perhaps even in other countries, necessarily obfuscating their direct involvement, in order to remain in positions of influence (and nor dead, either). A decision might be thereby be taken to release information in a famous ‘cold case’ of child abduction/ possible molestation or even murder, which evidence itself draws the attention sufficiently to stir up a viral awareness of what’s going on, paradoxically as the information bears relevance to an apparently unrelated ‘hot case’, albeit one which the mainstream politicos & media trumpeteers have decided to obfuscate completely, banning all mention of it as ‘fake news’….

    Could it be that the Met Police release of the identi-fit imagery which so perfectly – PERFECTLY – matches the Podesta brothers – could it be that the a secretive society of committed men & women on both sides of the Atlantic, having influential members within the Metropolitan Police, determined & agreed amongst themselves that they would launch a massive prompt to the high importance of the continuation of citizen investigation (with covert law enforcement/ espionage/ justice support) into #PizzaGate & related issues, with an implied warning that we recognise that the hidden occult world of ritual abusers is very, very real, and requires perhaps nothing short of a revolution to conquer.

    Until that revolution comes, and I personally believe it won’t come without divine assistance (due to the immeasurably corrupt underbelly of the planetray plutarchs, oligarchs, corporate fascists, and all the minions they have cultivated over the centuries, despite the bold activities of those who resist them), the word is out. The release of the identi-fit images shows us that there is covert sympathy & perhaps even the availability of assistance for those who were wondering if it was too dark to go on alone through the dank, foul, abhorrent & scum-filled rabbit hole – which by its labyrinthine, demonic design is inevitably something that we cannot handle infividually, in my humble opinion.

    Godspeed to those who drive the hidden & careful resistance against the powers of hell.

  58. […] dismissive and skeptical. There could be something going on here. If you need to know more, read this. There’s a lot of decadence in high places. Some people even throw parties in which satanism […]

  59. Vivianvolta · · Reply

    Thank you for your painstaking detail. There is a guy investigating the Haiti aspect of this network .because yours is the yin and his the yang everyone should check out George Webb on yt.happy new year 19 days to inauguration! We the people…

    1. Vivian Volta · · Reply

      Trump inaugurated today! Pizzagate.com awarding $25,000 to debunk pizzagate (debunk facts at aceloewgold.com) this is what I put on every thread on every “trending” YouTube video. Knowledge is power. ..

  60. Mayor de Blasio reads ‘Secret Pizza Party’ to Queens kids — and the plot mirrors the fund-raising probe he’s caught up in


    1. Thanks for sharing! I remember reading about that. At the very least, a very bizarre choice of book for the mayor to read to children, and parents on Amazon reviews and elsewhere seem to agree. The general lesson seems to be that secrets are good, fun, and give you power over others. Even in the absence of a wider scandalous context, it definitely seems like a terrible message for De Blasio to promote.

  61. […] of James Alefantis and you will understand why this is so important. Read what may be the most level-headed exploration of Pizzagate. For undeniable evidence of powerful child prostitution rings leading to the highest levels of […]

  62. […] of James Alefantis and you will understand why this is so important. Read what may be the most level-headed exploration of Pizzagate. For undeniable evidence of powerful child prostitution rings leading to the highest levels of […]

  63. […] excellent summary of Pizzagate and the most recent research. See also other balanced explorations on this webpage and this […]

  64. […] excellent summary of Pizzagate and the most recent research. See also other balanced explorations on this webpage and this […]

  65. Angie Foldenauer · · Reply

    One quick thing I noticed… When heavy breathers were preform in the basement and doing that monolog with the audience… She says they are below a subway shop.. And Jared (not Jerry) (from subway.. Who was arrested for child porn/underage sex stuff) is known to hang out down here… Then some in the audience says he likes little boys and children… And she says that, I think that was his manager. SHe was she’s definitely talking about Jared the subway spokesperson… Jared’s manager got caught up in the scandal along side Jared.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Angie. Somewhere buried in all of these comments someone else did mention that as well.

  66. […] in Syria, and includes his and his son’s recent remarks regarding the ongoing ‘pizzagate‘ controversy. In plain terms, Flynn was brought down by the deep state, in an attempt to […]

  67. Probity · · Reply


    To anyone who is still here, I’m not sure how I missed this whole thing, but I just found out about this whole pizzagate affair this past week. I am absolutely blown away by the level of depravity and filth that I’ve read about over the last few days.

    I’m also equally disappointed that in every blog I read about pizzagate, all comments seem to have stop around Jan/ Feb of 2017 . Why has everyone stopped talking about this??? What about the children who are being victimized??? Do people really give up this easily because of smear campaigns by mass media?

    Is anybody still here, and willing to pick up the research with me where other’s have left off?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Probity. The research continues on both Voat.co and, to some extent, image boards such as 4Chan. Breakthroughs have slowed to a trickle, but the researchers always appreciate newcomers, and are continuing to dig. Join the Pizzagate group at Voat.co to get involved.

  68. Probity · · Reply

    Thank you for the response, Ace of Swords. And I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to write such a clear, concise piece of work……a solid basis to pick up research on this. It’s hysterical that Wikipedia claims that this entire investigation is a witch hunt. If you read the wiki, the first sentence reads ” Pizzagate is a conspiracy that’s been debunked”…..2 of the mass media shills’ favorite catchphrases, before even getting past the first sentence. And have you seen the “debunking facts” section? Pathetically laughable. Why has NO mass media outlet who claims this is debunked, ever mentioned the following:

    – Alefantis’ instagram account, filled with bizarre photos of children, with well known pedophilic code words in the captions?

    – The very obviously coded language in Podesta’s emails, using well established pedophilic terms?

    – the fact that the people following Alefantis all seem to have an unusual affinity for the occult and images of prepubescent children?

    – Alefantis is being portrayed as just a lowly pizza shop owner, when GQ magazine (the same GQ that you find in any supermarket or bookstore) called him one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC????

    – What about the email claiming that Dennis Hastert, a convicted pedophile, should essentially go and hide somewhere????? So they feel empathy for the pedophile, but no signs of empathy for the victims????

    Literally NONE of these things have been addressed in ANY mainstream media outlet, and that alone shows anyone with common sense that something is clearly being hidden.

    After reading this, my first thought was of the soldiers who fight and those who have died, to defend what this great country is SUPPOSED to represent. Our military men and women who routinely go into harm’s way, do not fight and give their lives so that a few degenerates can have the freedom to rape children and get away with it. The investigation will continue at all costs. It will not stop until these children are saved.

    And we aren’t staying the course alone. I came across a reddit page recently where someone in the FBI stated anonymously to the researchers that there are elements in the FBI who are supporting us, and they would soon be releasing information “from the other side” to help expose this. It’s good to know that there are still good people left in this world, who want to help the vulnerable among us.

    A few words from Helen Keller:

    “…Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it…”

    When all is said and done, the human race will not be defined by a few wretched, soulless degenerates among the rest of us. It will be defined by the fact that no matter the circumstances, there are always going to be good people, who will stop at nothing to make this world a better place.

  69. Thanks for your kind words, and agreed on all fronts! For updates since that initial post, and analysis of the media coverage “debunking” the issue, check out my other posts in our Pizzagate series. There are definitely forces of good working on our side, emboldened by the public awakening to how big and genuine of an issue this is, and I believe in my heart that whether by earthly or cosmic means, those who are involved in this sort of thing will be brought to justice.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. Please share and spread!

  70. Molly Brown · · Reply

    There’s a longer version of this video!!! Majestic ape says something to the effect of ” we are located here under a subway sandwich shop. Did you know Jared is one of us. He likes the “world sounds” then the crowd goes “and little boys” “and children” then MA says “I think that was his manager ” “oh well, we all have preferences! Then laughs” he is basically admitting Jared is a pedophile like him n the crowd. I have no idea why this is the one that is out in the public..I think that video appears in Joe Rogans podcast with Alex Jones. Either way it’s a slam dunk. They have a baseman they admit they ️are pedophiles like Jared Fogle.

  71. Regina’s Story – The heartbreaking story of a victim of child prostitution in Belgium who testified against her powerful abusers.

    By Regina Louf


  72. So greatful for this thread I found a clue with the podesta bros depicted in a kill room one of Biljanna’s paintings. Cabaret in the Dentist society series. Right there on the artists website. I took screeshot and juxtaposed it with the wikileak email about having fun last night at the torture chamber. Its on my feeds @HempSnackery twitter and @OMegaFatsAction Facebook ad INsta. It’s an obvious indication that somethig is up. the Resemblance is uncanny. I’d like to talk to some other activists about what Rachel Chandlers latest tumblr and insta posts can tell us, as I am apprehensive to do more whistle blowing. i am a whistle blower tho!! My email is OMegaFatsAction@gmail.com 🙂

  73. […] Zitat aus Epoch Times: „In den WikiLeak-Mails tauchen auffällig häufig Begriffe auf, die Codewörter in Pädophilenkreisen sind: So steht “Cheese Pizza” für “Child Porn”. In diesem Zusammenhang taucht ein Pizzaladen von James Alefantis in Washington auf, der aus bisher ungeklärten Gründen als 49. in der Liste des QC-Magazins zu finden ist. Dieses listet die mächtigsten Menschen Washingtons auf. Gerade in Washington sollte es weit mehr als nur 50 mächtige Menschen geben – und keinen „Pizzaladen“ bzw. dessen Restaurantbesitzer in dieser Machtposititon. Sein Instagramm-Profil erregt wegen seltsamer Bilder und Kommentaren Aufmerksamkeit. […]

  74. […] Zitat aus Epoch Times: „In den WikiLeak-Mails tauchen auffällig häufig Begriffe auf, die Codewörter in Pädophilenkreisen sind: So steht “Cheese Pizza” für “Child Porn”. In diesem Zusammenhang taucht ein Pizzaladen von James Alefantis in Washington auf, der aus bisher ungeklärten Gründen als 49. in der Liste des QC-Magazins zu finden ist. Dieses listet die mächtigsten Menschen Washingtons auf. Gerade in Washington sollte es weit mehr als nur 50 mächtige Menschen geben – und keinen „Pizzaladen“ bzw. dessen Restaurantbesitzer in dieser Machtposititon. Sein Instagramm-Profil erregt wegen seltsamer Bilder und Kommentaren Aufmerksamkeit. […]

  75. […] Pizzagate wikipedia.org one day soon we will wake up and find out what Pizzagate was all about aceloewgold.com We need to RAISE UP to protect our children, and the time is NOW! I believe we are part of the […]

  76. […] Pädophilenring entdeckt haben. Für zahlreiche Diskussionen sorgt auch die starke Verbreitung von Codewörtern der Pädophilenszene in John Podestas […]

  77. Just shared to the Parler alternative app https://Sharfly.com

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The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. - Albert Camus

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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