Donald Trump Weighs In

Dysfunctional Transition

After a bitterly divisive election, we now find ourselves in a series of unprecedented domestic feuds during the presidential transition.  They even spill over into foreign affairs, making us look like two nations at logger-head with ourselves.  Surreal!

Being a feisty boxer, Donald Trump has been characteristically mouthing off and compulsively tweeting.  His pugilist’s lingos exhibit two distinct styles, one posted during the day-shift with proper spell-check and evidence of Ivanka’s editing, and a more trashy nocturnal style laced with misspellings, malatropisms and midnight vodkas.  Either style stimulates Obama’s sub-standard adrenalin but plays music to Putin’s tone-deafness.

Ex-Soldiers, Billionaires, Elderly Males, Ex-Goldman Sachsers and Ivana’s Children and In-Law

The Trump team – his cabinet members, White House staff, personal aides, senior advisers and title-less “grey men/women” – is relatively devoid of career bureaucrats.  The conspicuous demographic representation (or over-representation) comes from ex-soldiers, billionaires, elderly males, and ex-Goldman Sachs affiliates.  What that may mean remains to be seen.  As with all administrations, that will be the products and by-products of infighting.

Another common feature in the team selection is gratitude awards, i.e., appointments in return for assisting his successful election.  This is also nothing unique to Trump’s initial team, except in its higher number.  So more positions had to be created.  What is unique, however, is that most of these “award-winners”, with the exception of the ex-soldiers, are not your typical job-seekers.  How they plan to cash in on their awarded “positions” may be of some concerns to those astute in the game (or concerned about the country).

Next, we come to family.

The Gate-Keepers

Ivana’s children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, will likely form a gate-keeping troika.  Jared Kushner will act as de facto CEO.  After all, that is the only organizational form and culture Donald Trump has known.  Why change something that works?  Even if it doesn’t work, it is the natural way for a family of loving, harmonious members to operate.  But that’s a business, not the Presidency.  They probably feel as if their Daddy had just acquired another business, a bigger one that he had promised to “make great again”.  Hmm…deja vu.

Oh, speaking of harmony, there will undoubtedly be feuds.  But once an outsider shows up, the rank will close and the siblings will unite, at least for a brief moment.  Then, inevitably, scandals will erupt and follow them everywhere.

And that’s when some of us will be relieved that things may have gone back to normal in America, finally?


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