Unprecedented Orders From Pentagon to Fire D.C. National Guard Commander Days Before Trump Inauguration

D.C. National Guard commander Errol R. Schwartz, a Major General, has been asked to step down after months of planning for president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration — an inauguration day that feels more likely than any in modern American history to break out in violence and/or social disruption. Some protest groups are vowing to disrupt road, train, and pedestrian traffic in and around D.C., with major national and international news organizations gently encouraging people to join the protests. This encouragement something that would have seemed impossibly absurd from ostensibly objective news outlets when president Barack Obama was sworn in for either his first or second terms.

The unprecedented order was sent from someone in the Pentagon, with Maj. General Schwartz himself unsure of exactly who delivered the order, or or why. As Schwartz said himself along with politicians on both sides of the aisle,  “the timing is extremely unusual” for a commander to be removed in the middle of an active deployment.


Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz, commanding general of the D.C. National Guard, speaks  at an awards ceremony in December 2015. He will be stepping down from his command on Inauguration Day

With no reason to suspect legal issues, a pending court martial, or other forms of foul play on Schwartz’s part justifying the firing, and a concerted effort amongst intelligence agencies to delegitimize Trump since his election, it feels more important than ever to watch all sides of inauguration day very closely. Waging war with U.S. intelligence agencies is a dangerous business. With how extreme Trump’s battle has already become, and no end in sight, it feels plausible that the unprecedented removal of Maj. Gen. Schwartz is more than a coincidence. Whether or not the intent will become clear on January 20th, only time will tell.

Either way, Trump is proving to be a president-elect just as unprecedented as Trump the candidate. And like him or hate him, the president-elect appears to be getting the same treatment applied to leaders of third-world countries when the U.S. decides to remove them. The first phase is a propaganda and public perception campaign to plant the right seeds in the minds of the public. If that isn’t enough, jackals are sent in or a war is formented — usually a proxy war — to remove the leader by assassination or otherwise, and install a U.S.-approved puppet, sometimes more dictatorial than the one being replaced. This is done by funding, arming, and training rebels, activist-provocateurs, and other opposition groups, which will contain a seamless blend of genuine and well-meaning citizens with those who are in actual contact with foreign intelligence agencies.

The concern is this: If Trump’s war with the intelligence agencies continues (which it will), and U.S. intelligence agencies find that their war of ideas is not working to their desired effect, then the model from interventions in foreign countries  may tell us the ominous next steps of escalation. Stage two is to foment civil war, economic collapse, or support other forms of citizen-led violence. If that fails, an assassination or an outright declaration of war comes next.

In other words, it feels like a very serious powder keg may be fixing to explode. I genuinely hope that I am wrong, and we’ll have the opportunity to judge the incoming president on his actions in office — be they good or bad — rather than have his controversial election become swallowed by Deep State-supported chaos, with Trump unwilling to stand down from his style of rapid fire Tweets and denunciations.

One incredible exchange had Trump sparring with CIA director John Brennan via Twitter after Brennan delivered a pointed warning to watch his rhetoric. Although Trump does seem boorish and impulsive to many, he isn’t dumb. One has to wonder if he knows exactly what he’s doing, and is expecting the escalation. It would certainly put an interesting new context behind the unsually high number of military Generals he has hired to work in his administration.

Whether any of this is true or not, most can agree that a potent feeling is in the air. Trump’s battle with the Deep State is a driving force.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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