China’s “Moderate Prosperity”

At the malls and in tourist towns in China, it is very obvious that there are lots of little children all over, especially yearlings and two-year-olds, and lots of pregnant ladies carrying more to arrive. It looks like there is indeed a baby boom, judging by our part of China. The country’s two-child policy may be registering its impact – in fact, we are actually seeing a lot of people with three or more young ones.

As livelihood gets markedly improved, Chinese reproduce. They can now afford to raise a third child, even if they do not get all the state subsidies and entitlements for that, under the two-child policy. Official statistics are indicating that the Chinese general population has reached what the government calls “moderate prosperity” or what I prefer to call “general well-being” stage. Xi Jingping is targeting to eradicate the last group of the population living below poverty level by 2020, which numbered 70 million out of the total population of 1.38 billion. It is well on-target at the moment.


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