Why Donald Trump held hands with British PM Theresa May

Knowing that British Intelligence knows “things” that the British Government would like Donald Trump to know they knew, Theresa May hurriedly went to Washington to “hold his hands” immediately after his inauguration. Physically as well as figuratively, certain matters of state must be conducted P-to-P (person to person).


When it comes to transmitting highly sensitive messages, even heads of state (and particularly heads of state) would learn not to use spoken words, even when out of sight and one-on-one. They would use written notes and discreetly handle them. Depending on the nature of their contents, such notes should be destroyed, preferably burnt.

The British Intelligence was implicated in the revelation of some of the highly-explosive “rumours” recently about Russia and certain American politician. While denying having anything to do with anything as always, the British squad have had a very hard-fought and often-lethal war with Putin’s squad for decades. That they would know more things than their US counterparts goes without saying.

Donald Trump is not known for chivalry. In fact, it is reported that he is a germaphobe who would prefer not to shake other’s hands, if possible. Others say he is afraid of stairs. But this was outside in the White House Garden.

Well, only history will reveal to us years later, the significance of this extraordinary “hand-holding”. As one astute person observes, immediately after his meeting with Theresa May, Donald Trump’s warming attitude toward Russia seemed to have been tempered a bit. At least there is no immediate lifting of the economic sanctions that he promised.

Now, that’s diplomacy.


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