474 Arrested & 28 Children Rescued in California Human Trafficking Bust. Not Newsworthy?

Four days ago, 474 individuals were arrested in a CA human trafficking bust run by a small army of over 30 local, state, and federal agencies and task forces. Almost five dozen victims, both children and adults, were rescued. Child and family services agencies stand accused of pimping kids as sex slaves. Shocking? Extremely. Even more shocking, however, is the apparent consensus by many of the world’s largest media organizations that nothing about this operation was newsworthy.

There has been some coverage of it, of course. But aside from a small handful of pexels-photo1exceptions, nearly all the coverage has been from local affiliates and “alternative news” sites. Below is a listing of some of the U.S. and world’s major news outlets, none of which have seen fit to issue even a sidebar article mentioning this momentous human trafficking bust involving authorities all the way up to the federal level:





-New York Times

-Washington Post


-The Wall Street Journal

-Daily Beast

-Huffington Post


-Al Jazeera

-Der Spiegel


-The Guardian


-NY Post


-New Republic

-New Yorker



-The Guardian

-The Hill




-Fox News


And to leave little doubt as to the significance of the bust, here is a listing of agencies and departments that paticipated. Please note — this list doesn’t even include all the police and sheriff’s departments that were involved:

-United States Attorney’s Office

-U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

-United States Marshals Service

-United States Department of Labor

-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Angeles

-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fresno

-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Monterey

-Homeland Security Investigations, Los Angeles

-Homeland Security Investigations, Ventura

-Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

-Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force

-Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force

-Los Angeles Unified School District Police

-Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force

-Riverside County Anti-Trafficking Task Force

-San Bernardino County Trafficking Task Force

-Santa Barbara Human Trafficking Task Force

-Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking

We’ve already shown how an AP newswire story about a Norwegian pedophile bust implicating high-powered politicians and lawyers was scrubbed from mainstream news trafficking-victimsources. One has to wonder if the bizarre media blackout on certain child sex stings is related to the Pizzagate allegations that pedophilia and human trafficking are endemic to a large segment of the U.S. government. Are elements of the power structure using non-coverage of child trafficking busts to cover them up, and help avoid implicating influential people?

At the very least, it’s bizarre how this California bust would get no mention whatsoever in any of the news outlets listed. And when something doesn’t make sense, there’s probably a reason for it.

What’s the reason here?


  1. Stephanie G. Petersen · · Reply

    I keep seeing this information……..BUT there’s no real reporting here at all. You don’t mention the specific locations or names of people who were busted or rescued. How is anyone to believe your
    statements without anything concrete to check out.

    1. I link to some of the few news outlets that reported on the bust, you can go ahead and click those links to see. Authorities didn’t release names of the arrested, and in sex abuse cases, victims aren’t ever named in order to protect their privacy — That’s standard procedure. The links are there for you to view 100% of the source material for the post.

    2. No real reporting? There was a giant press conference with a couple dozen officials from many different agencies . . .

      1. Yes there was! A big press conference that resulted in no coverage from the country’s biggest newspapers.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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