Who is Steve Bannon?

“[Trump is a] blunt instrument for us,” Bannon told me. “I really don’t know whether he really gets it or not.”

-From Vanity Fair (August, 2016), courtesy of Truthstream Media

Who is Steve Bannon?
He is a frustrated, angry White male who studies Sun Tzu’s Art Of War in order to plot a comeback. Or a revenge?

His subconscious pychic motivator is manhood, specifically “Judeo-Christian Western” manhood. He calls for a restoration of what he refers to as “sovereignty”. That term as used by him is not as its technical definition, meaning self determination, but is subverted to mean “supremacy”. Okay. Now you get it. It is simply another hybrid form of the Aryan’s “will to power”.

At this stage, Jews are included in his plot. In the past, he had to strenuously deny that he is antisemitic. That is necessary in order for his alt.right to first seize power in America, so he thinks. Once Darth Vader has a firm grip, he will “examine” the Jews. It will be inevitable. Do not be naive.

Yes, indeed. He refers to himself as Darth Vadar, in the context of “The Empire Strikes Back” (go check out the Star Wars story). He also compares himself to Thomas Cromwell (not Oliver Cromwell who was another character), the behind-the-scene schemer for Henry VIII. And he unabashedly talks about Cromwell being the puppeteer over Henry VIII who was merely a puppet. Except Old Hank had the last laugh in that episode of history – you can look it up.

As the counselor to Trump, he gets the title of Chief Strategist, officially a non-cabinet position and therefore not accountable to Congress and the usual bureaucracy of governance. Extracting lessons from Sun Tzu ‘s Art Of War, he taught the Man to rule, thus:

兵者,诡道也。(All warfare is based on deception)
利而诱之,乱而取之。(Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him)
打草惊蛇(Stomp the grass to scare the snake)
假痴不癫(Feign madness but keep your balance)
难知如阴,动如雷震。(Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, strike like a thunderbolt)

Donald simply loves this stuff.

About himself? Here are a few lines from Sun Tzu:
笑里藏刀(Hide a knife behind a smile)
金蝉脱壳(Slough off the cicada’s golden shell, meaning make a getaway leaving only your disguise)
微乎其微,至于无形;神乎其神,至于无声,故能为敌之司命(Be subtle and secretive, be invisible and formless, be incredible and inaudible; and hence you hold the enemy’s fate in your hands)

Except Mr Bannon is now no longer subtle. He has become too visible and audible to be secretive. He even boasts about his “success”. We shall see how his enemies will hold him in their hands and crush him.

Postscript : He cannot read Chinese, and obviously misunderstands a lot of the materials in Sun Tzu’s Art Of War, his “Bible”. The fact is: there has yet to be a proper translation of the Chinese classic into English. Sun Tzu cannot be mastered as a Bible. It has to be be absorbed through references and studies of the caseload of historical examples and, above all, through practical experience and appreciation of the fluid nature of reality. It is based on the fundamental principles of the Tao classic, Tao-Te Ching,, which first sentence states: that which can be spoken or written down is not the true Tao, or the Way. To the Chinese, Bannon sporting the Art Of War as his Bible is a bit of a joke, really.


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