Trump Is Setting Japan Up For A Jewish Treat

By acting too much like an eager beaver, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has become a prey to Donald Trump and his team of distressed financial specialists.

Trump grew up in Queens, New York and went on to become a real estate developer in New York City and New Jersey. Having gone in and out of bankruptcy multiple times, he is well- versed in the world of Jewish business practices and rules of profit extraction and survival.

Japan is too ready to pay, in order to get what it thinks is a promise, an undertaking or a commitment from the US. Abes militarist agenda is too dependent on securing at least the appearance of these gestures. Therefore, he has to keep up the facade of unswerving loyalty to America, and willingness to do as told. With the Jewishness in him, Donald Trump cannot help but play Japan to his infinite advantage.

First, he tweeted numerous monetary and economic demands on Japan. He wanted Japan to pay more for protection. Then, he named Japan for currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. He went on, calling out Toyota for harming US workers interests. And, on Day Two of his Presidency, he cancelled US participation in TPP.  Now he is ready for Abe.

To set Abe up, Trump sent his Secretary of Defence, James Mad Dog Mattis to Japan, to be his gentle-bogey-man. Giving Japan the verbal assurance of the applicability of the US defense pledge on the Diaoyu Island (Japanese call it Senkaku), he did not acknowledge sovereignty recognition. It was a tease, and kept Japan in limbo. If you need more, you have to pay more, do more. Then, he poured a bucket of cold water, stating that the confrontation in both the East China Sea and the South China Sea should be resolved via diplomatic means, not military. He purposely pointed out to his Japanese audience that America does not intend to intensify its military activities in the South China Sea. Mattis had in essence handed the chessboard over to the Japanese — okay, now it is your move.

Abe now realizes Japan has a long way to go to get what he wants, from Donald Trumps America. But it is there, just that more efforts and money would be needed.

Then, the call and the new message came.  Trump is finally ready to receive Abe in Washington.  He will roll out the red carpet, even letting Abe fly on Air Force One with him down to the Trump private retreat in Florida. There, the two will play some golf.  Splendid!  Just one thing, Abe – bring Aso, your Vice President, the Money Man, along with you.  We will need him, if we were to talk.

The play on Japan is strategically very important to Trump.  It will set the stage and establish the payment scale for countries which the new US administration wants to extract money and other concessions from.  Korea will be next in line, then NATO, etc.  And save China for last, but not the least.

If Japan pays, everybody else will be made to follow.  So, Trumps job is to try to squeeze as much out of Abe as he can, and yet it will not be enough.

At the moment, Japan is Donald Trump’s trump.


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