Flynn’s Flimflam

None of you is old enough to remember the Watergate affair of 1972-1974. The abrupt resignation of Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security advisor, reminds me of the beginning of the fall of Richard Nixon.

With respect to the current affair that may become known perhaps as Moscowgate, Flynn was thrust into the front line in late December 2017 to present a flimflam for Donald Trump and members of his team involved in the affair. While doing so, he was obviously being watched, or listened in on. As a result, he was found lying about a conversation with the Russian ambassador to the US, omitting and trying to mislead others on some of the specifics. Legally, anything he had known will potentially be damaging to Trump and his cohorts, since he will definitely have to testify under oath at the upcoming Congressional inquiry and/or potential judicial hearings. Therefore, like John Dean in the Watergate affair, Flynn became the first person in the current Moscowgate affair that the Trump team has to “cut bait on”. (I will tell you what that means later. But first, let me set the stage for you.)

You should recall that in December, 2017, in a rare report signed by the heads of all five intelligence agencies of the country, they jointly concluded that the new president-elect may have been compromised by the Russian regime. The summary release did not disclose many specifics, but the full report was over a thousand pages. Some of the more spectacular leaks in the press were declared “fake news” by Donald, but any juvenile would know that there must be more than had met the public’s eyes and ears. I personally think that the agencies had plenty of evidence already or else they would not release a joint report and statements like that. Whether the evidence amounts to indictable breach of the law remains to be seen.

In Flynn and most certainly others, the investigative forces have found “actionable” evidence. What that means is that further discoveries and depositions will likely be constructed and established on top o what are already known, but not to be disclosed until the opportune time in the appropriate proceedings. In street jargon, Flynn is a “cooked duck” and must fully cooperate or face double or triple jeopardy. That is why, from Donald Trump and his cohorts’ standpoint, he must be cut off from any further involvement with “the team”, and be “left to dangle in the wind”. That way, his damage is limited to what he knew up to the point of his resignation (hopefully not too much). Any further strategic maneuvers and new flimflam by Donald to divert attention away from the old flimflam will be unbeknownst to him.

Sounds horrible and sinister? It is. But we must get to know the truth. As it was famously said in the Watergate proceedings 45 years ago: what did the president and his buggers know, and when did they know them? With that knowledge, we will find out what they were up to, and whether they committed anything illegal.

We are still at a speculation stage. But, for the first time, my hunch is that the odds are more than 50% that Trump will be ousted from office before the end of his term.

It will be an agonizing process for the country, but we must endure it, if necessary.


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  1. There are many of us still very much alive and can recall Watergate and the subsequent resignation of President Nixon. So your statement none of you is (are) old enough, is incorrect. Not trying to nitpick, just wanted to correct the statement.

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