Alt-News Empire Infowars & Other Outlets Face Pizzagate Lawsuit Threats

In my previous post for our Pizzagate series, I predicted that no lawsuits would be filed by people named by Pizzagate researchers for defamation, slander, or other damages. However, with alt-news empire Infowars and others reporting Pizzagate-related legal threats arriving in their mailboxes, I may soon be proven spectacularly wrong.

Alex Jones, head honcho at an alt-news empire drawing more viewers than CNN, released


Alex Jones brandishing an envelope he alleges contains a letter from representatives of James Alefantis

a rambling video where he references an envelope allegedly containing a letter from Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis. It isn’t 100% clear from the nearly hour-long video whether the alleged letter contains threats or an outright declaration of legal action, but we’ll know for sure very soon.

Jones is extremely well-funded, and can raise large amounts of money in a short period of time for a robust defense. In fact, from his video, it appears that he actively invites the development:

“Quite frankly, it’s an arena I welcome,” Jones says. “Because if my listerners know that I’m being sued for investigating pedophilia, and we can depose all the people involved, and we can bust this whole thing right open; those that are guilty, those that are innocent, I think will be exposed.”

Jake Morphonios, face of popular YouTube channel End Times News Report, reported yesterday that he also received a letter threatining legal action to the tune of $5,000,000 in damages. He claims the alleged letter was sent by lawyers hired by Michael Maccoby, someone determined by Pizzagate researchers to be connected with Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis and accused child trafficker Laura Silsby.

It also names Google and YouTube as defendants for hosting his videos:


The letter states that Morphonios has until tomorrow — March 3, 2017 — to comply with their requests to wipe all web content containing Maccoby’s name before they file a formal lawsuit:


Going after someone like Alex Jones seems like a risky proposition for Alefantis. He has a massive audience, plenty of money, and will be willing to fight hard. Morophonios I know less about, but is unlikely to have the same resources as Jones to fund a defense.

For his part, however, Morphonios has implied that he will not comply with any of the requests in the letter from Maccoby’s lawyer. In his video report, he also claims that his car was tampered with by unknown parties, alleging that his motor oil and engine coolant had been drained.

The coming weeks will be pivotal, as they will reveal if these reported legal threats are destined to turn into formal lawsuits. If they do, and people like Alex Jones and James Alefantis are summoned to face off in a courtroom, the story of Pizzagate will become more interesting than ever.


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