Stefan Molyneux on Satanism and Socialism – Summary

A summary of Stefan Molyneux’s thought-provoking podcast/formulation on the relationship between:


Who is Satan?

  • Satan is the God of this world.
  • Satan asks humanity to forego the benefits of morality for the comforts of success and power.
  • Satan’s offer à Give up your soul, and be rewarded with material wealth, political gain, and authority over others.
  • Tells us to forget about the future (prospect of heaven/hell), and follow our basic animalistic instincts and satisfy the present at all costs.
  • Satan tells us that virtue was invested by the weak to thwart the rise of our natural, animal nature.
    • Morality is nothing but a cancerous conscience in our minds and a beta paralysis scam so that we will not follow our basic alpha right to dominate over and use others.
  • Satan says we’re animals, and instructs us to use our power and intellect to gather as many resources as humanly possible as quickly as possible, and then reproduce and spread our animal seed far and wide.
  • Satan ultimately offers us the power over resources and the thrill of dominating over others/having others serve us (i.e. the addiction of political power).


Christianity / Free Will / Moral Responsibility / Human Soul

  • Christianity solves the problem of free will by inserting the SOUL into the human equation.
  • We, as humans, are not simply animalistic machines – there is a soul inside that is not subject to natural laws à Therefore, we have free will (our decisions are not subject to material/worldly laws).
  • Morality cannot exist without free will. Animals do not have free will – free will is the ability to compare proposed options/course of actions to ideals and standards of behavior (i.e. What should I do next?) Example: I need money. I could rob a bank, or I could get a job.
  • Since free will exists in the world, humans hold each other accountable for their choices.
  • If virtue/salvation of our souls is then a choice in front of us all, then saying no to virtue/salvation is an individual’s rejection to follow Jesus, 10 Commandments, etc.
  • Christianity is not conforming to manmade authority.
  • Christianity is individualism – one’s conscience, one’s prayer, one’s fidelity, one’s dedication to virtue/salvation. Christianity = one’s conscience, one’s choice, one’s responsibility.
  • If one chooses to do bad, they are responsible for their choices and subsequent consequences à must deal with the ensuing and likely suffering.
  • Unrighteous behavior that leads to suffering typically awakens the soul though guilt and remorse (the pain of sin).
  • One’s soul provides the roadmap to heaven. The pain of sin felt in one’s soul is a signal that one is moving away from the path to heaven.


When We Abandon God/Christianity

  • When we abandon God, we also abandon the soul.
  • When the soul leaves the body, humans are far more susceptible to adopting purely animalistic and mechanistic instincts. A soulless body is just a machine.
  • A human machine, therefore, no longer has free will à This machine will act on patterns without a conscience and without an option for moral choice/responsibility.
  • Explaining differing human machine outcomes is then rooted in one’s environment:
    • A man born wealthy will do well and has endless opportunities / A man born poor will suffer and has no opportunities.
    • But the Christian view is the opposite à A man born into wealth may fall victim to the temptations of wealth, materialism, and power / A man born poor lives a simple life and is less likely to be tempted by great power and authority.
  • Therefore, poverty in the material sense is actually not a problem that needs to be solved. A virtuous poor man going to heaven is infinitely better off than a rich man going to hell. The virtuous poor man is respected, and the unrighteous rich man is pitied.
    • In Christianity, the inequality of outcomes has only to do with one’s personal choices relative to one’s conscience (some will go to heaven, and some will go to hell based on the choices that are made).
  • In a Godless world, though, the materialistic inequality between rich and poor all of the sudden becomes a huge problem that needs to be solved à and now, it’s no one’s fault (no one is responsible for the different outcomes).
  • Enter Socialism à in a Godless world, the human machines are thus compelled to change the environments around them. Taking from the rich to give to the poor is now perfectly OK because the rich people didn’t earn their wealth – they simply benefitted from their environment.
  • Without God, a materialistic focus on the manipulation of resources takes hold – creating the modern welfare state, socialism, fascism, central planning, communism, etc.


The “Problem” of Suffering

  • Suffering can be accepted in a Christian worldview because it is often evidence of a soul’s warning signal. We can stand to see people suffer when they have a soul, free will, and have access and ability to do better. We can see people suffer if we grant them full moral responsibility.
  • When we take away God, moral responsibility, free will, and access to virtue, then the suffering of an individual seems pointless and cruel.
  • The evolution from moral/spiritual deficiencies to now physical deficiencies/ailments is really quite evident in today’s society.
    • Gambling WAS a moral/spiritual deficiency à NOW, it’s a physical illness.
    • Depression/Anxiety was a moral/spiritual deficiency à NOW, it’s a physical/psychological ailment.
    • One’s suffering in a Godless world is therefore physical/biological rather than spiritual/moral.
    • Suffering in the absence of the soul/moral choice becomes fundamentally unjust – it has become wrong to let people suffer since they’re not in control of their suffering.


The State Comes In and Satan’s Ultimate Temptation

  • In a Godless society, the State comes in to solve the problem of suffering and inequality among the mechanistic/soulless humans.
  • The is the great victory of the Devil à when resources are reallocated to solve the problem of suffering, resources are given to the poor/dumb to reproduce, resources are wasted, prosperity is squandered, and ultimately many die off in an unrighteous state.
  • The State treats its humans as machines that can be changed via their environment (i.e. mass immigration policy of migrants flooding into Europe integrating smoothly and becoming European).
  • Satan’s ultimate temptation is not for us to live anti-God and do evil à the ultimate goal is for us to live without God.
  • Satan tempts humans to think there is no God but nature, and nature commands us to have power over others (i.e. Win/Lose à we either fight for resources to survive and reproduce, or we die).

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  1. marley engvall · · Reply

    tool of satan or not, universal healthcare would help a lot of people in the US.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire


"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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