WikiLeaks Vault 7, Part 1: Summary of Key Revelations

With WikiLeaks unleashing the long-awaited and mysterious “Vault 7” this morning, sleuths both amateur and professional across the globe have begun to dive in and sift through its contents. The Vault 7 release is allegedly the largest trove of documents on CIA activities ever leaked, and focuses on the CIA’s global hacking division, revealing a sort of second NSA within the CIA itself. Documents contain timely revelations involving false flag cyber attacks, the commandeering of microphones and cameras on phones, tablets, and Smart TVs, rogue CIA malware, and other interesting tidbits. A quick Vault 7 summary is below.

As a side note before beginning, I have noticed that a surprising number of people still somehow regard WikiLeaks as a source that could be subject to planted disinformation, falsified documents, and “fake news,” but it’s important to understand before reading further that in the thousands of documents and emails they have released, WikiLeaks has a 100% track record so far of being genuine. Each claim below can be cross-referenced with Vault 7 documents released this morning.

For a summary revelations, read on for some of the most significant discoveries made from the leaks so far:

The CIA Can Hijack Malware From Other Countries for False Flag Cyber Attacks

In a key revelation, the release of Valut7 has exposed the CIA’s “Project Umbrage,” which includes their capability to co-opt malware from other groups and countries in order to mask the fact that attacks are actually coming from a domestic source. With almost non-stop allegations of Russian hacking playing a role in Donald Trump’s election, this provides a new context and questions regarding the “consensus” claimed by 17 intelligence agencies that election season hacks came from Russian sources. We now know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the CIA can easily perform these attacks themselves while making it look like they come from foreign nations of their choosing.


While WikiLeaks’ Valut7 hasn’t delved into specific cases, it has made the capability clear, further muddling the left’s narrative that Russia unequivically intervened to ensure a victory for Trump in November.

The CIA Launched Malware Which Has Now Gone Rogue

In order to invade Smart devices from tablets to TVs and listen to conversations, the CIA created malware. It then lost control of that malware, allegedly giving “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA” to anyone who manages to dig up the code.

The CIA Can Hijack Smartphones to Harvest Data from Nearby WiFi Traffic

Using the “monitor mode” featured in many Smartphones and embedding a tool in the code of  music player app, the CIA can use Android devices to harvest data from all neighboring WiFi traffic.

The CIA Can Hijack Samsung SmartTVs to Listen to You

That spiffy new “Smart” Samsung TV in your living room? The CIA can use its microphone to listen to everything you say. If you think you have “nothing to hide,” remember that American spies can study your children while they play in order to better understand how to craft CIA narratives aimed at the next generation. In addition, the same malware the CIA can use to commandeer the microphone can also be used to pick up WiFi connections with usernames and passwords in the same network. By preventing the TV from performing security-related software updates, the malware keeps itself installed and makes TVs it infects even more vulnerable.

The CIA Uses Taxpayer Money to Keep Software Unsafe

In addition to backdoors built into consumer hardware, documents in the Vault 7 trove show that the CIA has also worked to ensure that vulnerabilities are built into consumer software in order to make it easier for them to spy.


In other words, every person and institution that uses Windows, Android, and other popular operating systems — think banks, insurance companies, universities, hospitals, the electrical grid, the digital infrastructure of the entire country — has been put at greater risk by our own CIA, so that it’s easier for the Deep State to maintain their surveillance dragnet.

snowden-tweet 2

The CIA Uses the U.S. Embassy in Frankfurt as a Secret HQ for Hacking Operations

Also known as the Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe or CCIE, the CIA’s HQ for hacking operations in the EU, Africa, and the Middle East is hidden within the U.S. Embassy in Frankfurt, Germany.


Misdirection Army

Interestingly, similar and duplicate posts on several websites appear to indicate that there is a concerted effort to reduce the number of citizen-investigators diving deeply into the thousands of documents. This is stoking anticipation that there are many more bombshells destined to be revealed through closer inspection of the leaks. The below posts were taken from 4Chan:



Lots More to Discover

Other details already divulged include the fact that the CIA can overcome encryption built into apps such as Signal and WhatsApp, and can also circumvent any consumer antivirus software.

With nearly 9,000 documents to sift through, additional crowdsourced and professioinal journalistic research into their contents has already begun, and is sure to pick up new discoveries in the coming days. Being called at least as significant as the revelations of infamous whisteblower Edward Snowden, time will tell what results will come from the light being shined on this latest batch of secrets.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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