No Pizzagate Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Alex Jones Or Other Alt-News Outlets, Despite Conflicting Reports

UPDATE: Alex Jones, of, has issued a retraction and apology under pressure from James Alefantis to avoid a lawsuit. One can surmise that Alefantis was putting the pressure on Jones and, feeling the weight of the power behind Alefantis, Jones capitulated in order to save his media empire, employees, and family from what would have been an overwhelming legal battle. Video here.


Despite false reports to the contrary, public legal records show that no Pizzagate lawsuits have been filed by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis or D.C. attorney Michael Maccoby in response to Pizzagate-related reporting by alternative news figureheads Alex Jones, of, and Jake Morphonios, of YouTube channel End Times News Report.

A rambling video released by Jones last month alleges that he was threatened with lawsuits by Alefantis, and was cited as evidence that Jones claims a lawsuit is already official. However, despite being a somewhat incoherent, vague home video, Jones never says outright that he is being sued — only that he is being threatened formally, and that if he is sued, that he and his supporters would fight it until the end.

Morphonios reported similar threats from Mr. Maccoby, whose lawyers sent him a letter in February demanding that he remove video content from his YouTube channel mentioning Mr. Maccoby, and issue a formal apology by March 3rd, 2017, or face a lawsuit to the tune of $5 million. Morphonios has done neither, and has indicated that he does not plan on complying.


A records search on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system, or PACER, reveals that neither party has followed through — yet. Perhaps it was a test to see how Jones and others would react. Unsurprisingly, like Morphonios, the vivacious and well-funded Jones has indicated he has no interest in entertaining cease and desist requests.

PACER and JUSTIA search results for James Alefantis and Michael Maccoby are below:




It’s possible that the documentation and legal strategies for Pizzagate-related legal fights are still being prepared. However, the Pizzagate story first broke in late 2016, some eight months after Wikileaks’ March 2016 release of John Podesta’s emails. And given mainstream media ubiquitously denouncing all Pizzagate-related research as nothing but defamatory lies and a digital kind of pitchfork vigilantism, one would think this type of lawsuit would be a relatively easy win for Alefantis and other parties named by Pizzagate researchers.

At the very least, the delay might be perceived as an admission that the case for defamation, slander, and other charges is not as open-and-shut as the mainstream reaction to Pizzagate has indicated. So the question is: If neither Alefantis nor Maccoby have filed lawsuits, despite the demands in their threat letters not being met, what is their next move?

Time will tell whether or not any Pizzagate lawsuits become official. If they do, we will post a report on it as soon as we can.



  1. voice of reason · · Reply

    it is looking like jones has been pushed against the wall. check out the vid, it’s very carefully worded, and referenced Mr. alefantis, etc. reminds me of the time Alex had a guy who was a ‘witness’ at the falsefalg at PingPong Pizza, clearly Alex looked shanken by the man and appered nervous, and was retracting his stance on the pizzagate thing.

    1. Yes, I agree, it was very carefully crafted by a lawyer. Clearly someone made it clear that Jones’ operation, and perhaps more, would be destroyed if he didn’t cooperate. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I don’t know if that’s you that’s visited my FB page Harm’s End numerous times, without leaving a comment, but the jump in visits happened soon after I commented on your site, and I wasn’t talking to anyone else. If it’s you then I’m sitting on your head right now, and, while I’m sure you’d read the material just to try and find crime, what you’d find would be something you wouldn’t want to share with anyone else, because of the strength and truth value of the material, how much it detracts from the Christian view and the way it shows your approach to the issue of child sexual abuse makes the problem worse not better.

    Here is a link to a song my soul wrote on the issue, not pizzagate specifically but the issue itself, and a link to the story behind the song. I’d imagine it would be hard for you to sit on, and it would be quite one-sided of you not to share it, and you claim to be journalistic, and it is another view of the problem, and don’t journalists show other sides to issues?

    1. I have never heard of your Facebook page before. I’m also not sure I understand how a failure to share a random person’s song online would devalue my approach to writing about this issue. But thanks for your comment anyway, your readership is appreciated.

      1. I had initially left a link to the FB page in a the comment discussion we had where I shared a link to two articles, which, if my stats are correct, got visits from your site, though it seems it wasn’t from you personally, maybe a reader. I was speaking of that material, specifically the article Make Peace With the World, which proposes a cause of pedophilia, and homosexuality, not being discussed anywhere that I have seen. If that cause proves correct in time, then it’s the big secret, why we need to focus on conspiracies like pizzagate, to keep ourselves from seeing it.

  3. Ah, yes, I remember you now. Must have been from a reader. I think many of your ideas are great, and that indeed pedophiles can tell us a lot about ourselves as a species in terms of what’s missing morally, but there is a great deal I don’t agree with as well. For example, I don’t think we can reliably connect pedophilia to homosexuality in an inherent way, i.e. I don’t think they’re inherently related. I could be wrong. There are observations you make that I, myself, have not made — difference in how we see the world, perhaps, or maybe I’m just not paying the same degree of attention Regardless, hope your website is doing well.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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