VIP Pedophilia Round-Up: The Latest Developments

With the cultural residue of the scandal known as Pizzagate very much still clinging to vip-pedophilethe collective consciousness, we are seeing a drastic uptick in interest regarding cases of elite or “VIP” pedophilia and human trafficking cases. Claims are floating around that the Trump administration is cracking down on VIP pedophiles, which I can’t independently confirm, but at the very least, people are now paying much closer attention to accusations of sexual misconduct amongst high-profile individuals.

Whether or not there’s an actual uptick in arrests or people are merely noticing more of them, below is a brief round-up of recent cases in which beloved institutions, political leaders, or otherwise prominent members of society have been accused of sex abuse or trafficking crimes.

UN “Peacekeepers” Caught Running Child Sex Ringun-peacekeeping-troops

I use “Peacekeepers” in quotation marks because the scandals with these U.N. foot soldiers just never quite seem to end, with corruption that has been called “pervasive” to the very structure of the U.N.’s peacekeeping operations. That should be expected, I suppose, when these peacekeeping troops are so often sourced from countries with extremely corrupt governments. The fact that they are often stationed in war-torn or otherwise chaotic places and situations makes abuses even easier to commit and hide.

Cue this AP article, describing accusations of what most would consider unthinkable: international troops luring starving children with candy to then be passed around as sexual objects by soldiers and even commandants. One alleged victim sais that as a prepubescent child, she was passed around for sex with around 50 U.N. Peacekeepers, “including a “Commandant” who gave her 75 cents.” And according to the article, the countries where these troops came from rarely, if ever, respond to the accusations. The U.N. itself is legally not authorized to prosecute them, and yet, these predators are operating under the U.N. banner. It is mildly reminiscent of the elite child sex ring once run out of the Belgian headquarters of UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund — a case which many have now forgotten.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Sued for Alleged Sexual Abuse. Meanwhile, Alleged Past Victims Re-Emergeseattle-myor-ed-murray

Ed Murray is the current mayor of Seattle, and is currently seeking re-election. There are now calls for him to step down, however, due to a lawsuit from an alleged victim claiming he sexually abused them them decades ago, while they were troubled teens. The mayor’s office is calling it a politically-motivated “shakedown.”

However, two other men have made similar accusations in the past, and both individuals have told the Seattle Times that they are willing to testify in the latest case. While the Times notes that all three accusers have extensive criminal records, but they also confess to being troubled — they claim that Murray targets vulnerable, wayward teens on purpose as part of his modus operandi. Time will tell what evidence and testimony are presented when the case goes to court. Residents of Racine, WI and Coaldale, PA will probably be reminded of their own scandals in recent years, where mayors of both cities were forced to resign due arrests for child pornography and attempted sex acts with minors.

Federal Agent Arrested & Jailed for Child Rapeelite-pedophilia

The Tri-City Herald reported in late March that Stephen D. Mix, a member of a federal security force providing protection to material, information, and employees on a nuclear site, had been arrested. He is now jailed on child rape charges, but very little other information has been released by police on the case.

MA Police Sergeant Facing Child Porn & Other Charges

Veteran Attleboro, MA police sergeant Richard F. Woodhead was charged with child porn posession, attempted “enticement” of a minor, and other accusations in a bust reported earlier this month.

Former DEA Agent Sentenced for Child Porn Posession

After an FBI sting infected the computers of users of an online child porn community, then-DEA special agent James Patrick Burke was arrested and forced to resign from a military and government career lasting almost two decades.

Note: Special thanks goes to this YouTuber for her work collecting recent cases in the news media.

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"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." - Voltaire

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