Hitler’s Mein Kampf Back in Japanese Schools


Hitler’s autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ joins Imperial Rescript’s return to classrooms…

Actually, a lot has happened in Japan recently with the militarists dashing madly to bring Japan back to being a “normal nation”, meaning precisely what it was before it started the invasion of China (1937) and WWII. The push is led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (descendant from two militarist political families and convicted war criminals), and his cabinet filled with Japan Society members, whose sole aim is to revive Japan’s past and erase or whitewash its history in WWII. (They are emphasizing to the Japanese people that they were not defeated nor did they surrender, but merely honorably agreed to a ceasefire forced upon them by the Americans who used cruel means).

Abe was exposed recently to have funded the establishment of a kindergarten through secret misappropriation of public land, under the table funding, and behind-the scene support of a extreme right-wing group running the school. The tiny tots were taught the Nazi salute and pledge-of-absolute-obedience to the Emperor. It raised a furor in Korea and China because the children were taught that those countries have distorted history and blame Japanese unfairly for the past. For primary and high schools, they have “sanitized” the text books to say that the Nanjing Massacre did not really happen. They call it the Nanjing Stabilization that brought order back in the aftermath of the severe battles!

Hitler’s Mein Kampf returns to Japanese schools as ‘teaching material’

These are just a small sample of many moves to realize the return to militarism, and the creation of the fantasy bubble. The whole process started with US policy under Obama to unleash Japan militarily(this may prove to be his biggest blunder yet in world affairs). His 90-degree bowing to the Japanese Emperor, his treating Abe as guest to the Pearl Harbor Museum without having to acknowledge guilt or apologize, and his inappropriate rhetoric and diplomatic protocol with Abe, all sent very wrong signals to the Japanese who are fanatical with symbolism and pecking order. He emboldened the Japanese militarists, and affirmed their legitimacy in the eyes of the ants-like population. We are witnessing the alarming consequences and developments at present.

The Japanese are hiding a lot of their military wares over the years. One day soon, I am sure the world will be shocked.


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