French Election 2017: Populist Le Pen & Globalist Macron Advance to May 7th Runoff Vote

In today’s French presidential elections, all of France’s mainstream ruling parties have been voted out. Populist anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen, and pro-globalism former banker Emmanuel Macron, will be facing off in the runoff vote on May 7th. Menawhile, both the French Socialist and French Republican Parties, which have enjoyed a prime spot in the French political scene for the entire post-war era, have been voted out and no longer have any chance at taking the presidency.marine-le-pen-frexit

Le Pen has been a staunch opponent of France’s refugee policy and European Union membership, even going so far as to advocate closing down mosques. Macron, on the other hand, is more centrist and is considered friendlier to neoliberal globalism.

If Le Pen defeats Macron in May, it seems likely that France will leave the E.U. Without French or British participation, the E.U. and Euro currency’s days may be numbered. Combined with the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit movement, the threat to neoliberal institutions once widely taken for granted has never been more dire. Desperate to save themselves, the battle between neoliberalism and anti-globalists like Trump and Le Pen may usher in a dangerous period of transition, in which a dying old world order makes a violent effort to claw itself back to relevancy.

Even without an ultimate Le Pen victory, however, today’s election results represent a seismic shift. With the entrenched system seemingly embracing Macron, Le Pen has an uphill battle. Between accusations of Islamophobia, a “computer glitch” that gives extra votes to 500,000 mostly-liberal French expatriates, and Macron leading in opinion polls, many forces appear to be working against Le Pen.

However, we were reminded by her recent boost in the polls attributed to an Islamic terrorist attack that anything could happen to tip the favor one way or the other. Watch closely, and we’ll see on May 7th who emerges victorious — and what that means for the neoliberal globalist power structure.

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