Artificial Intelligence: From Qian Xuesen to Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Alibaba founder Jack Ma: AI will cause people ‘more pain than happiness’

Jack Ma has also said that humans only use 3% of their brain power, and science understands less than that about the brain. So to say that AI will surpass human potential is ludicrous. However, he would not mind if the super-processor enables machines to do the human’s job faster and better, so that humans will be able to tap into the other 97% of their brains.

The Chinese renowned scientist Qian Xuesen wrote on the subject of “cognitive studies” in the 1980s. Those articles should go a long way toward charting the course of what we now call Artificial Intelligence, which is basically engineering application with very very big database getting processed by very very fast computers to complete tasks requiring stable interactivities and control of very many complex variables, far exceeding the efficiency of the natural human brain and body. But the boundary between artificial intelligence and natural intelligence has been blurred at the current first stage of development. Qian pioneered the basic methodological approach in his 1954 book Engineering Cybernetics, and worked on the philosophical aspect of it after he retired from his epic career in Chinese rocketry, missile technology, nuclear weaponry and space programs.


Qian Xuesen (1911-2009)

His differentiation of the 20+fields of cognitive sciences from cognitive arts, gives people like Jack Ma a solid guiding light when approaching the true nature and meaning of technology.


Pain and happiness, after all, are philosophical matters. Solving them requires wisdom, which goes beyond intelligence.


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